Go green favours for a birthday party

Go green favours for a birthday party

Its very important for kids to go out and enjoy birthday parties of their friends and have an equally amazing time at their own party.

Gifts are a very integral part of birthday parties. Kids look forward to the carry away gifts they get at the end of any party. The regular gifts no more hold the interest of kids these days. The search for novel and new ideas as to what can be given as gifts is a cumbersome task.

Gifts are a way of expressing that we are grateful to our guests for taking out the time and being a part of our celebrations.  Just giving something random does not give that extra touch of love and warmth. In todays world the options are endless. Children are like sponges and its very easy to make them understand about the increasing problems we are facing in today’s age, Global Warming being on top of the list. Every little step, every effort taken to turn the wheel back leading to even minute changes will help. 

So move over plastic, irrelevant gifts, high sugar candies. We at Untumble have tried in our own little way to bring together some eco-friendly gifts for you to choose from.   

Actions speak louder than words. So if we want our kids to grow up to do environment friendly stuff we better start practicing than preaching. It’s the only right way to move forward to a greener world.  Go out there and have a fun birthday in an eco -friendly manner.


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