8 Types of Perfect Gifts for the 6-Year-Old

Parents are always concerned about their kids, especially when they are just 6 years old!! Every child’s development is unique and complex. A child’s development is greatly determined by factors that are present in his or her environment and from the experiences he or she gets.

Six-year-olds have longer attention and prefer more open-minded structured activities. They like taking responsibilities, but still, require much guidance from their parents.

There are certain toys which you could gift six-year-olds to make them learn and experience new things in life. You can find many toys which can be used for educating your kids as well as for entertaining them.

Here are the 8 types of toys which you can gift to your six-year-olds.

  1. Fat Brain Toys- Squigz Starter Set
    This toy can be the perfect gift for your genius! It has suction cups which fit together to build whatever you want. Just like Lego bricks, it can be built and then taken apart and rebuild something new. Sounds amazing right!
  2. Osmo- Genius KitWant your kid to learn and interact with iPad without even touching it? With Osmo genius kit the boundaries between digital world match up with physical play. The kit comes with 5 innovative games including tangram, numbers, words, Newton, and masterpiece. These games are well coded into the genius kit.
  3. Razor-A Kick ScooterIf you are looking for a toy to encourage your kid to play outside, then this is the ultimate toy for your little one!  To Cruise around the neighborhood in his/her scooter is something that many six-year-olds would definitely want. The scooter comes with beautifully streamlined body and 98 mm wheels. It also comes with spring-less shock absorber and a rear fender brake for quick yet safe stops.
  4. Snazaroo- Ultimate Party Pack Face Painting KitThis face painting kit must be a fun and entertain gift for your little monster. The paints provided in the kit are skin-friendly and can be washed easily. Such paints also contain glitter and shimmer to add finishing touches. The kit contains 12 colors, glitter gels, sponges and, brushes.
  5. Fat Brain Toys- AcuityThis game can be something perfect to make your baby learn visual-spatial skills, pattern recognition, and mental processing skills. Kids must play together to discover and match hidden patterns to arrange the tiles. To find matching tiles, players have to look either the two adjacent sides of two tiles or four tiles. Whoever can match the most tiles will win the game. Won’t it be quite brainstorming for your kid?
  6. ZOOB- Mobile Car designerThis toy is specially made for the future car designers. If you think your baby is going to be one then it will be just fantastic!! This kit contains parts to build and create 3 cars and trucks at the same time. The kit includes 76 pieces, 12 wheels, axles and owners manual with directions for building 12 set of vehicles.
  7. Fat Brain Toys- Dado SquaresThis toy is truly inspiring with the simple design. It is the perfect fit for busy hands, unlimited imagination, and problem-solving growth of young minds. It contains 35 two dimensional interlocking squares which can be made into parking garages, fences, angular hats, and space rockets. It’s perfect fit for child’s hands and easy to connect
  8. Kahootz Fashion Plates Deluxe KitIf you are looking a stencil art kit for your six-year-old daughter then Kahootz fashion plates deluxe kit is perfect for her. The kit comes with 30 different pieces of fashion art materials and 15 interchangeable fashion plates, 8 colored pencils, 20 drawing sheets, rubbing crayon with holder, a drawing table, and a carry case. It also comes with a booklet to inspire your little daughter or son to create their own fashion designs.

So, what are you waiting for? Just buy these wonderful toys and games for your little monster and you will definitely end up seeing a big smile on that adorable face!

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