Stocking Stuffers or Bluffers

  • Age group : Kids & Adults
  • Items required : Stockings for each of the players, Chits with dares & Money
  • Description : Hang out assorted stockings on a string . In some stockings place different denominations of cash ( mostly smaller amounts, few large amounts and one big prize) . In other stockings , place challenges or dares . Players then take turns choosing a stocking but they must agree that if they get a challenge card they must do it. A few challenges can be as follows : " Stuff your mouth full of marshmallows and sing Jingle Bells in front of everyone" , " Wear Santa hat for the rest of the party " , " Drink a jug of eggnog in 30 seconds" and so on. The players who get the cash denominations or the big prize in their stocking get to keep it ! This is a fun game to liven up the party

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