12 Best Eco-friendly Return Gift Ideas!

Do you hand out small plastic toys to kids that attend your child’s birthday parties? Or give away showpieces made out of non-degradable material to adults, which will end up in a landfill? Commonly handed out as party favours/return gifts/giveaways, these toys and showpieces can be made of cheap plastic that’s not biodegradable. Moreover, they can be coated in toxic lead-based paint, which is harmful for us too.

So why not skip them and try some sustainable, eco-friendly gifts that are great for your party guests and our beloved planet too? Take a look at these!

  • Plant saplings/seed packets

    What a great way to connect with nature! Hand out little plant saplings that can be transferred to a pot, or seeds that can be inserted into soil to grow.

  • Notebooks made of recycled paper

    Great for kids at birthday parties. Give the usual stationery a miss and opt for notebooks, diaries or notepads made using recycled materials.

  • Eco-friendly play dough

    Kids love to use play with play dough and make different projects in their free time. So instead of giving them regular modeling clay, opt for a one made with plant dyes.

  • Recycled crayons

    Make an earth-conscious impact on your younger guests, by handing out packs of recycled crayons, which are great for use at both home and school.

  • Printed bandanas

    Take your pick from organic fabric bananas that are printed with eco-friendly inks. Everyone will love flaunting them knowing that they’re green too.

  • Cloth bags or jute pouches

    Choose little pouches or shopping totes made using jute or 100% organic cotton. These are a great alternative to disposable plastic bags and can be used repeatedly.

  • Bird seed bags

    Both kids and adults will love to receive little packets of bird seed after the party. Make sure to explain to the guests how they can use the seed.

  • Handmade coconut shell lamps

    Try your hand at DIY to make lamps out of clean coconut shells. And here’s a bonus tip—you can try this as an activity at the party; guests can take home their handmade lamps as return gifts.

  • Bamboo and cotton towels

    Little hand towels made of organic bamboo and cotton blends are not only environment friendly, but also soft and handy.

  • Organic food items

    Yes edible gifts are quite the rage and you can opt for organic food items which don’t hurt the natural ecosystem. Source them from places which you can trust for the best quality.

  • Natural bath soaps

    Skip commercial bath soaps which are tested on animals. Instead, gift bath soaps that are made organically or at home by hand, to each guest to show you’re against animal cruelty.

  • Bamboo coasters

    100% all natural bamboo coasters can be added to the party decor, and at the end of the celebration, they can be added to gift bags for people to take home.

So if you want to lower your carbon footprint, and send the message to others as well, try any of these clever return gift ideas for the next party you throw. We’re pretty sure these green gifts that will be a hit at your event!