Diwali party games for adults & kids

Festivity in India revolves around Diwali, it being the most important festival where family, friends & neighbours come together to enjoy the week long festivities, sweets, crackers and the poojas.

Your Diwali get together is around the corner and you have the menu, décor and crackers all figured out. Well what have you thought of to keep your guests entertained through the evening ?? Worry not , Untumble has just the right ideas to make your party memorable.

We have put together a list of some fun hassle free Diwali games for adults, couples and kids. Read on and be a super host!

Diwali Tambola/Bingo

1. Diwali Tambola / Bingo

Let’s add a zing to tambola. Download your Diwali bingo tickets and calling card here and see your guests BINGO away!

Download your Diwali Bingo Cards here


2. Blind fold Dry-fruit mix

Diwali is incomplete without the variety of dry fruits that we have. Let’s make this tradition fun.

No of players: 5
What you will need ?
5 bowls of mixed dry fruits (cashew, badam, pistas and dry grapes)
4 small empty bowls for each player
Blind fold
How to play?
Blind fold 5 people and place a bowl of mixed dry fruits in front of them.
Also line up the small empty bowls in front of them.
The players have to sort out the different varieties in 4 different bowls. The player who sorts out the most number accurately, wins!


3. Light the Lamps/Diyas

Bring in the ladies to test the steadiest hands. Line up rows of lamps and call in the players one by one. Give each of them a minute to light lamps. The player who lights the most number of lamps wins.


4. Antakshri

Hosting a large number of people and wondering how to break the ice??

Divide them into groups and begin Antakshri. To make it more fun, make it mandatory to have only festival related songs.


5. Diwali Quiz

We in India, have access to such rich heritage, culture and history. With this Diwali quiz, let’s re-learn and appreciate the tradition of Diwali.
Download your Diwali quiz here


6. Cards

Playing cards is extremely popular on Diwali day. It is said that on playing cards, the goddess of wealth smile upon the player and ensures her goodwill. The tradition of gambling on Diwali also has a legend behind it. It is believed that on this day, Goddess Parvati played dice with her husband Lord Shiva and she proclaimed that whosoever gambled on Diwali night would prosper throughout the ensuing year.

Feeling lucky already?? Bring out those cards and see Goddess Lakshmi smiling down on you!

Game Ideas for kids

1. Blowing Candles in a row

Line up lamps in rows on the floor and each child has to blow out lamps one at a time. The child who blows out the most number of lamps in 30 seconds, wins!

2. Drawing a Diwali scene

Bring out the Da Vincis in your kids , All you need are drawing sheets and colours. Now watch their idea about Diwali come to life.

3. Story Telling abut Diwali

Pass on the tradition about Diwali to your little ones with this story telling session about essence of Diwali. Click here for some facts about Diwali -> Wikipedia.org