Tambola / Housie / Bingo number calling for your next party

Tambola is a popular party game in India. Its also known as Bingo / Housie across the world and is a slow casino game, played by a person calling out numbers and players scoring out numbers on a ticket. Each player gets a unique ticket and a range of prizes can be given away. To name a few they are

  • Four Corners – The one who gets all 4 corner numbers scored off on the ticket first.
  • Fast Five – The one who gets 5 numbers scored off the ticket first.
  • Top Row – The one who gets the top row numbers scored out first.
  • Middle Row – The one who gets the middle row numbers scored out first.
  • Lats Row – The one who gets the last row numbers scored out first.
  • Full House – The one who gets all numbers on the ticket scored out first.

To make the number calling fun, we’ve listed out fun ways to keep players entertained through the game.


No Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5
1 Lone ranger Buttered scone Top of the house number 1 Son of a gun At the beginning
2 One little duck Me and you Kaala dhan Doctor who
3 Happy family goodness me
4 Murgi chor Knock at the door Hum 2 hamare 2
5 Hum paanch Symbol of congress Punjab da puttar Fingers in your hand
6 Bottom heavy Chopping sticks Super sixer In a fix
7 Lucky no. Seven One hockey stick God’s in Heaven days in a week Colours of rainbow
8 One fat major Garden gate Big fat lady number 8
9 You are mine Number of planets Doctor’s time
10 A big fat hen Cock and hen Uncle Ben
11 Two heavenly legs Two beautiful legs Sexy legs
12 One dozen Monkeys cousin, one dozen
13 Bakers dozen Unlucky for some lucky for me no
14 Valentine’s Day Tender chick
15 Yet to be kissed
16 Sweet sixteen never been kissed
17 Dancing Queen Not so sweet
18 Voting age
19 Last of the teens End of teens Goodbye teens
20 One score Blind 20
21 President’s salute All womens age
22 Two little ducks
23 You and me
24 Two dozen Want somemore at 24
25 Quarter Silver Jublee Number Wish to have a wife at 25 Duck & dive @ 25
26 Republic Day
27 Gateway to heaven
28 Duck and its mate Overweight @ 28 In a state
29 In your prime Gin & Wine Rise & shine
30 Women get flirty at 30
31 Time for fun Flavours at baskin Robins Get up and run
32 Mouth Full Buckle my shoe
33 All the 3s Two little bees
34 Dil mange more Ask for more Lions roar
35 Flirty wife Jump and jive
36 Popular size Three dozens Yardstick
37 Mixed luck More than eleven Lime and leamon
38 Oversize Christmas cake
39 Watch your waistline
40 Naughty 40 Life begins at Men get naughty
41 Life’s begun at 41 Time for some fun @ 41 Kiss and run
42 Quit India Movement Winnie the pooh
43 Pain in the knee Down on your knees Climb a tree
44 All the fours Chor chor, all the 4
45 Halfway there
46 Up to tricks
47 Year of Independence Four and seven
48 Four dozen You are not late
49 Rise and shine Your waist line
50 Half a century Golden Jublee
51 Charity begins at 51 I love my mum
52 Pack of cards Weeks in a year
53 Stuck in a tree
54 Clean the floor House of bamboo door
55 All the fives Bunch of 5s Snakes alive @ 55
56 Pick up sticks Was she worth it?
57 Mutiny Year
58 Make them wait Time to retire
59 Just retired
60 Five dozen
61 Bakers bun
62 Turn the screw Click the two
63 Tickle me Click the three
64 Hard core Catch the chor
65 Old age pension
66 Chakke pe chakka All the 6s
67 Made in heaven
68 Check your weight Saving grace
69 Your place or mine Ulta Pulta
70 Lucky blind
71 Bang the drum Lucky bachelor
72 Lucky 2
73 Under the tree A crutch and a flea
74 Still want more Lucky chor Candy store Lucky 4
75 Lucky Five Diamond Jublee
76 Lucky six
77 Two hockey sticks hum saat saat hai Double hockey sticks
78 Heaven’s gate Lucky seth (hindi)
79 One more time lucky nine
80 Gandhi’s breakfast
81 Corner shot
82 Last of the two Fat lady with a duck
83 India wins Cricket World Cup Time for tea
84 Last of the chors Seven dozen
85 Staying alive Grandma
86 Between the sticks Last six
87 Grandpa Fat lady with a crutch
88 Two fat ladies
89 All but one Nearly there
90 Top of the house End of the line As far as we go