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Tambola / Housie tickets

6 tickets FREE
24 tickets Rs 25/-
30 tickets Rs 30/-
60 tickets Rs 60/-
90 tickets Rs 90/-
120 tickets Rs 120/-
150 tickets Rs 150/-

Link to digital tambola board : Digital Tambola Board

Tambola / Housie Game and ticket grenerator

Tambola or Housie is a lazy but fun board game of numbers. The game constitutes a board with numbers from 1 to 90 and tickets which are given to each participant. The game is good if played with a minimum of 6 people. The tickets are made in the below format

  • A ticket has 3 rows with 9 columns each constituting a total of 27 cells
  • The first column can have numbers from 1-9, second from 10-19, etc till the 9th column which has numbers from 80-90
  • Every row must have exactly 5 numbers
  • Every column has a maximum of 3 numbers
  • A ticket can have a maximum of 15 numbers
  • Other cells are left blank
  • Tickets are made in sets of 6, where each set of 6 has all numbers from 1-90
  • Tickets in a set of 6 do not have any numbers repeated
Numbers are called out randomly, usually from a bowl of tokens and placed on the board which looks similar to the below image. Players tick off numbers on their tickets if present. Tamboard board template The game play involves stages of winning which can be decided by the host based on number of players and available prices.
  • Jaldi five (Fastest 5)- The first player who gets 5 numbers on his ticket ticked off
  • Top line- Tickets that get all 5 numbers in the top line ticked off first
  • Middle line- Tickets that get all 5 numbers in the top line ticked off first
  • Bottom line- Tickets that get all 5 numbers in the top line ticked off first
  • Four corners- Ticket with numbers on the 4 corners, numbers closest to the four corners ticked off first
  • Full house- This is the grand price, the first ticket to have all the numbers ticked off
Players have to announce their win themselves which is later checked by the game host. Hosts can increase or decrease the number of wins based on the number of players. Example, there can be 3 full houses or grand price. Other salient game rules that are usually incorporated are below
  • Disqualification of ticket from the game if a win call is made by mistake
  • Disqualification if the win call is made late (after subsequent numbers have been called)
  • Allow players to buy multiple tickets so has to increase their chance of a win
  • Each ticket can only win one stage of the game, so a person who wins Jaldi five cannot compete for other levels of wins. This is usually done whne number of players are less so more people can have a shot at winning
To all our viewers, we offer a free digital version of the board game so you can enjoy it from the luxuary of your home free of cost. Happy playing !