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Stage Decor | Princess theme

Price: ₹-1 / (Delivery charges may apply. Inclusive of all taxes)
Not for sale : 0
Enabled : Y
Price : -1
  • Made of flex / foam board based on theme and size
DescriptionDecoration on the stage depends on the theme and your requirement
CustomizationYou can add your kids name and if possible a small snippet of text to the design. Please mention the required customization in the notes text area provided.
Baby Name & AgeBaby name & age will be printed only where applicable. Some items like photo props do not have provision to print the baby name/age, for those items the name will NOT be printed.

Product Details

Technical Details

Model Number 383
Material Foam board and base quality flex as appropriate
Item Weight 0 g
Additional Information

Assembling required No
Requires pictures for customization No
Minimum order quantity 1