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Bumble Bee theme birthday party supplies

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Bumble bee are noisy naughty yellow flying insects that collect nectar from flowers and make sweet honey. They are portrayed as black and yellow coloured and friendly insects. A Bumblebee Theme Party can be made very bright and colourful. This theme can be picked for both boys and girls birthdays as yellow is a neutral colour. There are several cartoon movies using bumblebee's as their main character.

Games for a Bumblebee Theme Birthday Party

  • Collect flowers - Hide flowers in the venue and ask the kids to collect them. The one who gets the most number of flowers wins.
  • Queen B - The game master is the Queen B and the participants are the worker bees. The workers does anything the Queen asks and finds stuff for the Queen, like a pair of socks, earrings, white shoe's, etc. The worker that gets the pleases the Queen the most wins.