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Princess Theme Birthday Party Decoration Supplies

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Time has passed ever so beautifully and your little angel has turned one more year older. She is prettier than ever before and taller as well. She is even beginning to understand those fairy and princess legends and you can see her eyes light up every time she hears one of those stories. She is getting ambitious as well and has a host of wishes; one among them would definitely be to visit the land of fairies, where everything is magical. So as you plan for her upcoming birthday what better theme to choose for the birthday party than our Princess party or a fairy theme party.

Be it invitations, welcome banners, posters or candy counters, each of the items in our fairy theme collection has beautiful fairies incorporated into it and that too in the most elegant of ways. From starry night fairy hats to colorful fairy hats and photo booths to wristbands, our collection has every item you would need to make the birthday party a special one for your kid and her friends.

Available in round, triangular and other variety of shapes, our fairy princess theme buntings will set the mood for the party as they twirl with the wind. We also provide a host of backdrops like fairy scene and garden fairy, which are best for the kids to take selfies in front of it. Adding the fun element to the food items are our supplies like cupcake toppers, shaped fairy food labels, fairy themed water bottles and more.

Everyone would like to wish the little princess on her birthday and our wish tree along with the wish tree tags will ensure that the wishes keep flowing in. Finally, if you are planning return gifts for the guests, we even have that covered for you. Our multiple fairy princess theme gift bags and thank you cards could make for a perfect return gift for the kids attending the party.

To spice up the fun you can even incorporate fairy princess theme games into the celebrations. Here are a few ideas;

  • Pass the treasure - This game would require some music and also the kids to be seated in a circular arrangement. A special treasure that is wrapped in many layers of fairy wrapping will be passed among the kids as the music plays on. Whenever the music stops the kid holding the treasure will unwrap one layer and the game will continue. When the treasure is completely unwrapped, the kids share the treasure amongst themselves!
  • Flower hunt - The theme of this game is to search for flowers with particular colour. The colour for a participant will be decided by the colour of the fairy allocated to the participant. Every fairy colour could have 5 matching flowers that are hidden in the playing area for the participants to hunt down.

This birthday is a special occasion for your little girl and she deserves the best birthday party to be thrown on her behalf. We help you do exactly that and more with our fairy themed birthday party supplies. At Untumble, it is our vision to wrap your celebrations with happiness. Each of our party supplies is created with this in mind and we are willing to go that extra mile to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones.