8 Birthday Surprises for your Husband that will Blow His Mind!

Looking for ideas for your husband’s next birthday? Well, we know you’re tired of the same old surprise birthday parties and gifts, right? We are fed up of them too. Guess what? Time to bring in some excitement and fun. Take the adage, “Go big or go home!” quite seriously for the next birthday celebration of the most special man in your life.

So, here are some birthday surprises for your husband that would simply blow his mind! But, let’s warn you planning these surprises would take time, efforts and money. Not for people looking for something nice and easy. So, are you up for the challenge?

  • Buy as many gifts as his age

    Is your husband turning 30? 35? or 50? Doesn’t matter. Buy him one gift for every year he’s spent on this planet. Don’t worry! Even simple gifts such as a box of chocolates, tie, cuffs and collars, bag, wallet, belt, perfume, or anything that you know he needs would work. Even a can of beer could be one of the gifts. Just make sure you get the Math right!

    Tip: Start making a note of the things he tells you he wants or likes…so you won’t have to think much before the D-day. So, get those shopping shoes on and get ready to surprise your man!

  • Make his wish your command (for a day)

    All wives know what an ideal day for her husband would look like. Whether it is breakfast in bed, binge-watching his favourite action or super-hero movies, watching a sports event, eating his favourite meal followed by the dessert he loves, or anything else; dedicate an entire day to him. From the time he wakes up till the time he goes to bed at night, everything that day should be planned according to his preferences.

    Sounds tough? Not when you love him so much!

  • A scavenger hunt

    Plan a scanvenger hunt for him starting from your home or if he’s at work, send a note to his work place, making him meet some of his friends along the way or visit the places you two frequent, finally leading him up to a location where you’d be waiting for him. You could include stops or tasks that include a pre-booked spa session, meeting his childhood best friend if that’s possible, visiting his parents, etc.

    Every place should have a clue that would lead him to the next spot as well as small gifts to be collected (although this is totally up to you) from each person he meets. Like we said, the destination would be you. Either a nice and cozy place that you’ve reserved for a candle-light dinner for the two of you or a party inviting his close friends and family. Anything that would be a perfect ending to his thrilling day!

    This is a cool way to keep your husband on his toes throughout the day making him wonder what’s next. The key is to think about the places you want him to visit, plan the tasks he’d have to do and write down the clues. Don’t make them too easy or too hard for him to decipher.

  • Surprise him when he’s busy doing mundane tasks

    So, he doesn’t like to pick grocery? Why not force him to do it? Or ask him to do anything that he wouldn’t usually do. And then surprise him by showing up there, from where you two can head for something that he actually loves doing. Now, that’s what we call a surprise!

  • Plan a one-day trip to a beautiful place

    How about something grand, beautiful and exotic? Plan a visit (one- or two-day) to a place that your husband always wanted to go but couldn’t. Somewhere within the country—arrange for an early morning flight, plan the activities you’d do there, place of stay, and then fly back the same night or the next day. Your husband would never expect a surprise as big as this…

  • Learn his hobby and perform for him!

    Think about all the different hobbies of your husband and make one of them your own. He likes to paint? Sing? Dance? Write? Play drums or any other music instruments? Pick any hobby of his and start taking classes to learn it. Make sure you pick something that could be learned quickly because the surprise is not complete till you perform in front of him.

    It’s always fun to learn something new; this would be as much a wonderful experience for you as it would be for your husband.

  • A gift for every sense

    Buy a well-thought out collection of five gifts, each one of them appealing to every sense. Here are some ideas to get you inspired…

    • Sight – Books, paintings, a nice and elegant show piece to be decorated on his desk, watch etc.
    • Sound – Headphones, speakers, woofers, a CD of his all-time favourite songs, audio book or a recorded message from you.
    • Touch – Clothes, a spa voucher for a massage, a massage from you, leather jackets, wallets or even a joystick if he likes to play games
    • Smell – Perfumes, flowers and aromatic scents for his room, office, and car
    • Taste – Chocolates, Cakes, his favourite meal and dessert or something cooked by his mom that he simply loves!
  • A notebook!

    Now, for this one you need to plan really early. Like almost 365 days early. If his birthday is in a month’s time, then you can do this for a month, too. Each day, write one small note about how your husband made you feel, and try and keep the note as positive as you can. J

    For example, a sweet gesture, something he told you, something that changed your perception about something, anything worth noting down about your husband. By the end of the year, you will have a book filled with unique and special things about your man. Wrap it up and present it to him on his next birthday!

So, did you like any of these ideas? Which one are you going to pick? Do let us know and all the best!