Butterfly theme birthday party

Why a Butterflytheme for kids?

Kids get simulated with bright colors and bubbling activity like with animals and even flowing water. They get excited and happy and that is our goal when we celebrate their birthday. When going for a butterfly theme you have a free hand in using all the colors in your platter and making the venue very bright and bubbly. Where butterflies are, there is always a garden of flowers, which can be included in the theme and make the venue very beautiful.


What can be done for a butterfly theme party?

Invitation:We start off with a butterfly shaped invite which has a lollypop for the butterfly head.

Entrance: The entrance can have a bunch of sunflowers made of balloons and a butterfly shaped foil balloon hovering over it.

Venue: Have butterfly shaped cutouts stick on the ceiling so when the kids look up they see pretty little butterflies everywhere. You can also make it a game by asking them to count the number of butterflies.

Props: Hats with a pompom and a butterfly stick on top of the pompom so it looks like it’s a flower with butterflies hovering over it.

Return gifts: A butterfly party can have a fruit basket as a return gift. Its healthy and related to the theme. You can have a cute little basket for the fruits, making sure the basket is bright and colorful and can be used to keep the kids stuff in their room.


Caterpillar Race – Split the kids into groups of 4 or more. Participants sit down one behind the other with their legs stretched so the person sitting in front of them holds their legs. The teams have to move forward to the finish line holding each others legs. Watch this video for a demo.

Pretty Butterflies – Have pieces of colour paper and glue for each kid and ask them to make colourful butterflies using the paper.

Trivia about butterflies

  • What do butterflies eat ? – Nectar from flowers
  • Do butterflies fly at night ? – No. Only moths fly at night
  • Which country does not have any butterflies? – Antartica. Its too cold for them to fly
  • How many species of butterflies are there ? – Around 24000
  • Butterflies can only see the colours red, green, and yellow
  • Butterflies have four wings and six legs.
  • Butterflies use their antennas to smell.
  • People who study or collect butterflies are called ‘Lepidopterists’.
  • Butterflies range in size from a tiny 1/8 inch to a huge almost 12 inches.
  • The top butterfly flight speed is 12 miles per hour