Entrance ideas for a Birthday party entrance

Your next party is coming up soon and you are in a fix with the entrance décor. You want to go with a theme and not the usual red carpet or lights based entrance. Below is a short list of the type of entrance you can go for based on your budget, venue and occasion.

  1. Welcome banner/poster

Ideal forsmallhouse parties, you can stick a theme based poster near your door/gate mentioning the event and the hosts name. The poster has to be made using bright highlighting colors so that people don’t miss the venue. This is actually warranted when you live in an apartment or gated community where most of the corridors and pathways look the same. The poster should be a minimum 12 inches in height and width.

                Recommended use: House parties

                Examples:Underwater party, Office opening, Elephant direction cutout

  1. Welcome cutout

When your party is at a big venue like a banquet hall or a farm house, there is a need to highlight the direction to the venuefor people driving down the road. This necessitates the entrance/welcome banner to be large. You should be looking at a minimum height of about 4 feet. This banner should be placed as close to the road as possible. The welcome cutout can also feature the kids/bride-n-groom’s photograph so that people know for sure that they have arrived at the right venue, plus the birthday kid is elated to see his picture blown up!

                Recommended use: Large banquet halls, farm house, Weddings and other large parties

                Examples:Bollywood theme, Bumblebee theme birthday

  1. Character greeting

This is very similar to a welcome cutout but in this case we used the theme character as the main object of the welcome banner. The effectiveness of a character entrance is more when a theme based invitation is sent out so the guests can expect what to look out for. For example an elephant theme party should have a life size elephant at the entrance!

Recommended use: Large banquet halls and open air venues

Examples:Elephant theme birthday, Garden party entrance, Jungle safari, Krrish theme birthday, Nemo theme birthday, Winnie the pooh

  1. Character with balloons

Birthday décor is never complete without a few balloons. And an entrance to a birthday should feature balloons to get the kids all revved up for the party. Combine balloons with the theme and you have an ideal entrance for a theme birthday.

Recommended use: Theme birthday parties/naming ceremony/baby shower

Examples:Jungle entrance, Space theme

  1. Balloon arch

A balloon arch is the most simplest to implement, cost effective and highlights the venue more than expected. Make sure you use theme based colors for the balloons. You can combine the balloon arch with the theme characters and set the right mood for a theme party.

Recommended use: Theme parties in banquet halls, house parties

Examples: Bumblebee theme entrance, Rainbow theme, Valentinesday

  1. Entrance scene

Go all the way with a theme and you can build an entire scene for the entrance which will mesmerize all your guests. A must have if there is no budget constrain and you have the space for it.

Recommended use: Big budget parties, outdoor venues, banquet halls

Examples: Fairy theme birthday, Jungle theme

  1. Castle entrance

Grand, over the board theme parties should have a magnificent castle entrance. Though this is most effective if the theme goes with a castle, like a dragon theme or princess theme. You can make them out of balloons if you want it to be intricate or any other material.

Recommended use: Grand celebrations, outdoor venues

Examples: Frozen theme birthday, Fairy castle

  1. Cave entrance

If you have a spooky theme or a Halloween party, go for a cave entrance to set the tone and mystery for the guests. It needs a lot of work, time and money to setup a cave type entrance.

Recommended use: Adult parties, Halloween theme

Examples: Halloween theme

  1. Flower arch

Apt for weddings, naming ceremonies, traditional Indian functions and temple fests. Flowers bring out with them a lot of color and life. Its in the hands of the artist to bring out the beauty of flowers.

Recommended use: Traditional events

Examples: Walkway made of roses, Yellow flower entrance