Love Your Fidget Spinner? Then Try Mastering These Top 10 Tricks!

Fun and popular, the fidget spinner has become a must-have for kids and adults alike. Originally designed for people with ADHD, anxiety issues and stress, this is now a best-selling toy all over the world. If you are one of those people who love fidgeting with their spinner all day, then we’ve got some exciting tricks for you to try. Check them out!

Convertible/Finger Balance

This is the most basic trick. Spin your toy in one hand, holding it with your thumb and middle finger. Once it starts spinning, lift your thumb and try to keep it rotating only on your middle finger.

Change-Up/Spinning Toss

This starts as the above trick, but doesn’t require you to lift your thumb. Instead, you spin it with both fingers, pass it to your other hand, and try to catch it with your middle finger and thumb. Keep passing it between both hands, trying to keep it spinning at all times.

Hand Twist

Spin it between your index finger and thumb, then take your thumb off and try to balance it on one finger. Next move your wrist down while keeping your finger straight, and attempt to twist your hand around without stopping the spinner’s rotation.

Around the Back

This is to help you master catching the spinner. Spin it between your thumb and index finger, put your hands behind your back, and try to pass it from one hand to another, while it keeping the spinner in motion.

Reverse Sonic

Hold one of the blades with your thumb and index finger, throw the spinner up, and grab the middle bearing with the same two fingers. You must try to keep the toy spinning without a break while you do this.

Under Arm Toss & Grab

Spin your toy between your thumb and middle finger. Extend your opposite arm in front of your body, and then toss the spinner under the extended arm. Immediately try catching the spinner between the thumb and middle finger of the arm that was extended.

X-tetrad Leapfrog

Start with the basic convertible trick, using your index finger instead of the middle one. Then toss it and try to catch the bearing with your middle finger only, without stopping the spin. Continue by repeating the trick with other fingers.

Single Tap

Start again with your basic convertible trick. Toss the spinner and flip your hand, so that you can catch it on the back of your hand. Make sure it doesn’t stop while you catch it, then toss it again using the back of your hand, and grab the bearing with your middle or index finger while it spins.

Double Tap

Perform the above trick two times, one after the other. This may sound simple, but is actually tough since it loses momentum while moving from your fingers to the back of your hand.

The 9-Fingered Death Punch

This requires you to do the The X-tetard Leapfrog trick from one finger to another, until the pinky. Then you need toss the spinner from your pinky finger and catch it with your index finger. Spin, and repeat the The X-tetard Leapfrog again to your pinky.

Don’t these tricks sound exciting? Try them out yourself, and then share them with your friends too. Happy spinning!