Important Baby Milestones with timelines!

As parents, we are concerned about everything related to our newborn. Right from their food to their sleep patterns to the timelines a healthy baby should follow, we find ourselves obsessed with our child.

Are they doing the things every baby their age should do? Are they active enough? Are they sleeping enough? When will they start making noises? When will they start teething? These are some of the questions that parents keep thinking about. And, as always, we thought we should help put to rest some of those queries that parents have.

Here are the important baby milestones with the timelines and exceptions. Hope, this will make you less worried about your baby’s growth and enjoy the natural progression that their body and mind go through.

  • When babies start recognizing people
    Most parents are eager to see their child recognize them. It is easier for babies to recognize mothers as they quickly get accustomed to their unique scent. For some kids, it might take 2-3 months to recognize faces and start interacting with you.
  • When  babies turn on their back
    Rolling over or turning over on the back happens when babies are around 4-6 months old. This stage is often preceded by the stage when babies get their head control, lifting their head and shoulder when placed on their stomach, which generally begins between 3-4 months.

    Quick Tip: Remember, once your little one starts turning on its back, you might want to keep a close watch on them especially if their bed doesn’t have safety railings. We’d recommend that you place them on a thick baby mat placed on the floor, where they could do all their stretching and turning, and you wouldn’t have to worry about falling off from the bed.

  • When their sleep cycle becomes normal
    Between 3-6 months, most babies develop a stable sleeping pattern where they sleep for 10 hours or more during the night, and take 1-2 hour naps in the morning and the afternoon. Here’s a quick glance through the number of hours your baby needs to sleep as they grow up…

    Newborn to 3 months – Around 17 hours

    6 to 12 months – Around 15

    12 to 18 months – Around 14 hours

    2 years – 11 to 14 hours

    3 to 5 years – 10 to 13 hours

    6 to 8 years – 9 to 12 hours

  • When should babies be fed solid foods
    Doctors recommend introducing solid foods after 6 months of age. Till then, mother’s milk is the best and provides all the nutrition a baby needs.

    However, a good thumb rule to start introducing solid foods will be the time when your child gets the head and shoulder control. To eat solid foods, babies must be able to sit up. Use this as an indicator that your child is now ready to take in solid foods.

  • When should babies be potty-trained
    Babies are ready for potty training between 18 months to 3 years of age. A child under 2 years of age doesn’t have any control over nature’s call, therefore, child health specialists don’t advise training them for potty during this time.
  • When babies start teething
    Generally, most babies start teething between 4-7 months and the first teeth emerges around the 6th month. It might take 2-3 years to fully grow a complete teeth set.

    However, some babies start teething as early as three months whereas some start after their first birthday too. In fact, some of them are born with one tooth, at times. So, it’s totally okay if your baby has not showed any signs of teething even after 5 months or started showing it a bit early.

    Remember, the teething stage might be slightly painful for your little one and they might need regular comforting from you. The gums may be a bit swollen and red where the new teeth are emerging.

  • When babies start crawling
    The usual time for babies to start crawling is between 7-10 months. Crawling is a good exercise for babies to strengthen their muscles that’ll help them walk in the next few months.

    This is the time when they start exploring the space around them on their own and reaching out to things. This is also the time by which you should get your home baby-proofed.

  • When babies start walking
    You can expect your baby to take their first independent step any time between 9 to 12 months. By the time, they are 14-15 month-old, they will have mastered this skill quite well. Babies take time in learning to balance their body on their two little feet.
  • When babies start talking

    You can hear your baby squealing and making noises as early as 3 months. However, words might take some time. They could say words they hear repeatedly such as “mama” or “dada” around 6 months of age. However, it is perfectly normal for kids to start say their first word after their first birthday.
    It is between 18 – 24 months that they start forming sentences using two or more words to communicate. This is also during the time which they will repeat most of the words you say.

Parents, while these are general timelines, remember—every baby is different and there will always be exceptions to these rules. When in doubt, it’s best to consult a doctor than worrying. Avoid comparing the growth and activities of your baby with other babies. Let your child grow in their own unique and beautiful way…

Happy Parenting!