Latest KITTY PARTY themes in India

It’s party time. Parties are a social gathering of guests invited, which usually involves eating, drinking and entertainment. Sounds fun na…….


Asha……come on, we are late. We need to be on time for the grand opening of Rahul’s store. Asha’s husband does not realize she has to finish up a lot of chores before she can accompany her husband for the “party” her husbands friend  is throwing after the store launch. Settle the kids,make sure foods ready for the kids, instruct the househelp on an upteen number of things to be done. Get ready to smile and sweettalk with a lot of people she may not know. Fun for the husband, maybe/maybe not for Asha.


Birthday  party invitation for the kids, mothers invited as well. The whole routine again….finish up work, get the kids ready and sorted, buy appropriate gifts, instructions to who so ever is at home before you can leave so you can come back to a chaos free home or maybe come back home and finish up left over work just so the kids can have fun at the birthday bash. So maybe we can make friends but again maybe not.


Do you need to read more. The list of such situations can be really long where the woman has to put up an appropriate appearance at parties. If you have a lot of friends  then its going to be fun. A lot of people find partying a piece of cake. With kids or without, no worries at home if you live in a joint family. Upteen   occassions  to party, weddings, cocktails, openings, housewarmings, family get –togethers  with friends without friends, corporate mingling …..the list goes on.

For the elite women of our country, the movie stars, their wives and even couples, their world is not complete without regular social informal gatherings. In these meetings a lot of information (gossip) is exchanged, members flaunt expensive jewellery and designer bags. Such get-togethers  are an arena to showcase money, power and privileges as marked primarily by their appearances. At the same time some people   do actually make an appearance so as to catch up with friends.

Now-a-days such parties are not limited to the elite class. “Mango people” are not far behind. They have their own kitty parties where ladies meet up on a regular monthly basis over lunch, brunch, dinner or coffee.

Women have formed friendship groups for centuries- across different classes and regions. Kitty parties are much more than just conspicuous consumptions. They also show a keen sense of saving, account keeping and procuring more items in less money. Every member of the group contributes a certain sum of money each month. The kitties operate in the same lines of a chit fund. A different member hosts the get together each month. But just meeting up every month can get monotonus.

Creative themes can contribute to catch up sessions as they infuse added joy and merriment to the event. Themes can vary and can get as wild as your imagination.

Here is a list of some different themes you can have for your chit-chat sessions with your friends.



    where you can flaunt your anarkalis and shararas  accompanied  by kundan jewellery and jhoomars and for the decor we have our very own bollywood movies to look for inspirations.


    Get out those floral maxi dresses and sarongs, tuck a flower behind your ears, slip into flip flops and wear some flower garlands over your neck for the feel of the beach party. (Buy Hawaiian supplies here)


    where your handloom  sarees  and khadi kurtas  can be put to use. Keep the colours of the venue restricted to saffron, white and green to symbolize the tricolour.


      This theme lets you relive your childhood dreams, so aim at looking  cute in dresses and style your hair into 2 ponytails and plaits. Get out those satin ribbons and canvas shoes to get the complete feel.


    Dress ur self in the different hues of the rainbow. To make the most impact choose solid one coloured outfits. (Buy Rainbow party supplies here)


    For those who are fascinated by the glitz and glamour of the red carpet line up, this one is for you guys. Gowns, cocktail dresses and uber chic sarees should be your go to ,to  get the red/green carpet chicness. For that extra zing get a photographer for the event to make every guest feel like a celebrity. (Buy Awards night supplies)


    In this theme accessories play a very vital role than the outfits. Make sure you have interesting masks and keep the colours of the seating and table drapes in black, purple and golden.


    All of us are bound by technology and where would we be without the whatsapp application. So, is it not a cool theme. Get your imagination going and have games in lieu with the whatsapp features that all of us are so familiar with.

The list of themes you can have is endless. The common ones like the monsoon theme or the twinning theme get very repetitive. Having theme parties can also be hard on the pocket, for example if you go in for a SPA BASED THEME then you need to get a group of helpers from the spa to treat your guests or if you want to choose an ARABIAN NIGHTS THEME then the decor to the clothes do take up a substantial amount of time to get. The main motto of these get togethers is to make it a fun time for ladies who take out time just for themselves,

So get out there and get in a lot of fun in your get-togethers.