Parents, Stay on Top of your Game with these 10 Parenting Apps/Websites!

Parenting is a difficult task. The journey begins when your child is conceived and ends with your last breath. Yes, parenting is a never-ending task and the best part is that nobody teaches you how to be a parent. It’s always trial and error, learning by making mistakes. And that’s how it will be. Because you and your child are different and special in your own way. However, while it’s only you who can figure out what works with your child, there are a whole lot of other things that are pretty common across the board and having knowledge about them would be a great help for all parents.

And that’s exactly what these 10 startups are doing. They help you with everything you’d need as a new-age parent. They aim to make parenting a hassle-free and a beautiful experience for you as well as you child. How? Read on…

  • BabyChakra

    BabyChakra was launched in 2014 with an objective to use the online space to connect parents with the best childcare products and services and to help them make informed decisions. A lot of young couples, today live in nuclear families and hence have no access to help and guidance with respect to parenting. As a result, they have a lot of questions whether it is about doctors, hospitals, cord banks, playschools, best food and other issues around parenting.

  • Tinystep

    The parental social network and a content website – Tinystep, aims at delivering high quality, rich and relevant content related to pregnancy, parenting, nutrition, fitness and emotional care and support. Launched in September 2015, Tinystep has an app and also provides content in Hindi to cater to a larger audience base across India. Their services include Mom & Baby Health, Enhanced Learning, Child Care, Party Planning and more!

  • ZenParent

    ZenParent, started in August 2014, works hard to curate a comprehensive, personalized and timely information repository and content pieces such as articles and quick tips. The topics range from child development, child care and parenting in general, for parents of 3-14 year olds. They believe that there are ample resources on the internet about pregnancy and baby care, but not much for growing kids. Parenting doesn’t become less challenging when your child starts growing and parents need support and help every step of the way. That’s where the team at ZenParent comes into picture. They want to make you a ZenMom/ZenDad!

  • Parentlane

    90% of the brain development happens between 0-8 years, but the brains of only 50% kids are fully developed. Parentlane wants to bridge that gap. It’s a Data Science and Technology firm based in Bangalore that focuses on early child development in India. To help the new-age parents facilitate overall mental and physical development of a child, Parentlane makes relevant and personalized information and assistance available to them through the website as well as through their app. The app has a Daily tracking process that asks you a certain set of questions about your child. Based on your answers, the app provides suggestions on the areas that you need to work on.

  • MyChild App

    MyChild is an app made to track your child’s growth and development in an easy and reliable manner. However, what it focuses primarily on is to provide a means for parents to identify any developmental or learning disorders in children by asking you to feed some data into the app. Launched in January 2015, by two 19 year olds, the app is now used in over 135 countries. It usually takes up to 9 years to track a developmental disorder, which the app claims to do in seconds. Delayed motor coordination and neurological disorders could be tracked and proper actions could be taken by parents well before time. The App also helps you find the best doctors in your vicinity.

  • Babygogo

    A startup that was founded in March 2016, Babygogo offers childcare and medical advice to mothers. With a repository of over 75,000 questions, the site is a one-stop solution for mothers having queries about child care, development and health. An algorithm is used to find the perfect answer to a question from a database of answers. If the user is not satisfied with the answer, the community which includes other users, mostly moms, can pitch in and share their answers and experiences too. Medical questions are addressed by specialist doctors. Other features of the site include Articles, Chat with Mothers and Doctors, Ask Questions, Food charts and Shopping for baby products.

  • SochGenie

    Various studies have concluded that almost 40% of our youth that graduate are non-employable, lack of cognitive skills being the core contributor to this gap. SochGenie, launched in October 2016, works towards developing the cognitive skills of children above 4 years of age, through games. What are some of these cognitive skills that we’re talking about? Memory, concentration, attention span, decision making, etc. all of which would help you greatly in your life and career!

  • Babyberry

    Babyberry is a child health and wellness platform to provide all the tools and tips for parents on creating a friendly environment to promote holistic growth and development of kids. Launched in November 2015, Babyberry app is available for both Android as well as iOS users. Everything from pregnancy, baby care and parenting is covered by Babyberry. Some of the features include digital vaccination chart with reminders, WHO growth chart, information on important milestones, health records management and access to the nearest doctors.

  • BabyOnBoard

    BabyOnBoard started its journey in October 2016. It helps parents record their parenting journey and the wonderful moments they confront daily with their little one and share them with friends and family. In their own words, “They make memories last for life time,” so that you can relive your journey along with your child, just with a swipe on your screen.

  • ParentTown

    The Go-to Social App for Parenting – ParentTown covers the A-Z of parenting so that you can be at the top of your game whether it is pregnancy, nutrition, financial planning, education, healthcare and more! You can ask any question you want, even anonymously, and rest assured that the ParentTown community will answer it. The ParentTown TV feature has a wide range of shows for you including Ask The Expert interviews, How-To videos, Helpful documentaries, Guidance on parenting and other exciting things to make you the coolest parents ever!