Top 20 Theme Parks in India ordered by Google user rating

We all love visiting theme parks. What about our kids? Well, they enjoy the most. And adults don’t mind losing themselves and reveling in their childlike excitement at these parks. No matter which part of India you are from, our Top 20 Theme Parks list will help you find out which amusement and water parks are closest to you, so you can plan your next weekend getaway!

  1. Wonderla Amusement Park

    Rating: 4.5 | Google Reviews: 6,251
    Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka (Also in Kochi and Hyderabad)
    Timing: 11 AM-7 PM
    Wonderla, one of the top amusement theme parks in India is the best destination for unlimited fun. The adventurous rides, water rides, musical fountain, laser shows and a virtual reality show are some of the attractions of this massive park. They also have electronically controlled rain showers.

  2. Nicco Park

    Rating: 4.3 | Google Reviews: 5,169
    Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
    Timing:  10:30 AM-7:30 PM
    Known as the Disneyland of West Bengal, Nicco Park, opened in October 1991 has over 35 different attractions including Toy Train, Magic Carpet, Water Chute and a Giant Cyclone among many others. The Eiffel Tower exhibit, a rose garden and a forty feet high waterfall are other attractions here.

  3. Essel World

    Rating: 4.4 | Google Reviews: 3,327
    Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Timing:  10:30 AM-6:30 PM
    Spend a day full of family entertainment at Essel World and Water Kingdom. It houses amazing family rides, thrilling rides to pump up your adrenaline levels, children’s rides, as well as ice-skating rink, a glass dance floor and a 6-lane bowling alley. And some great culinary options to go with them!

  4. Jalavihar

    Rating: 4.0 | Google Reviews: 2,920
    Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
    Timing:  11 AM-7 PM
    Jalavihar has the largest wave pool in the country, 18,000 square feet, and can accommodate over 1000 people at a time. The water sports, various dry rides, mini train, food trains and large party lawns are some attractions that bring people to this park.

  5. Adlabs Imagica

    Rating: 4.4 | Google Reviews: 2,459
    Location: Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Maharashtra
    Timing:  10:30 AM-8 PM
    Adlabs Imagica has three parks – Theme Park, Water Park and Snow Park, which means it is three times the fun. What makes Imagica special is the Nitro roller coaster, Scream Machine, Loopy Woopy, Swirl Whirl, Snow Slides, Snow Mountain Climbing and more! There are also 5 uniquely designed restaurants to satisfy your taste buds while you’re out there having fun.

  6. Aquatica

    Rating: 4.0 | Google Reviews: 2,292
    Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
    Timing:  10 AM-6 PM
    Aquatica is one of the largest theme parks in Eastern part of India and attracts huge crowd, especially during the time of Holi. The Black Hole, the Wave Pool, Niagara Falls and the Aqua Dance Floor to groove to music while enjoying the waters, are some of the popular attractions here.

  7. Snow World

    Rating: 3.9 | Google Reviews: 2,131
    Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
    Timing:  11 AM-8 PM
    Located around the Hussain Sagar lake, it goes without saying that the location of Snow World in Hyderabad is picturesque. Attractions include but are not limited to snow wars, snow tube slide, ice-bumping cars, sleigh slide, ice-skating and more. Warm clothes are provided to the visitors here.

  8. Queens Land

    Rating: 4.0 | Google Reviews: 1,821
    Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    Timing:  9:30 AM-6 PM
    With about 55 rides, of which 33 are for adults and 18 for children, you are definitely gearing up for unlimited enjoyment when you enter Queens Land. The Free Fall Tower and the Super waves are some of the popular rides. The water rides are open from 2 PM to 5 PM.

  9. Black Thunder

    Rating: 3.9 | Google Reviews: 1,528
    Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
    Timing:  9 AM-6 PM
    Situated in the foot of the gorgeous Nilgiri hills, Black Thunder is a water theme park that houses around 49 amazing rides. The Surf Hill and the Wild River Ride are some of the ones that are definitely not to be missed. There’s also a hotel inside the park.

  10. Tikuji-Ni-Wadi

    Rating: 3.9 | Google Reviews: 1,306
    Location: Thane, Maharashtra
    Timing:  9 AM-7 PM
    Tikuji-Ni-Wadi is an amusement and water park and a resort too! Located about 15 kilometers from Mumbai, the park has go-karts, roller coasters, giant wheels and of course the water slides and rides. There’s also a new 5D ride which has been opened recently.

  11. VGP Universal Kingdom

    Rating: 3.8 | Google Reviews: 1,155
    Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    Timing:  10:30 AM-7:30 PM (Till 8 PM on Saturdays and Sundays)
    A great place to hang out for children, youth and adults as the park is home to various adventurous and exciting rides. Some of the attractions that draw people to this park are the VGP 2000 millennium tower, Water Cascades, Paneer fort and the Statueman.

  12. Funtasia Water Park

    Rating: 4.0 | Google Reviews: 1,020
    Location: Patna, Bihar
    Timing:  11 AM-6 PM (Closed on Wednesdays)
    This is an amusement and water park located in Patna, Bihar. Water slides, wave pools, swimming pools, kids’ wave pool and multi-cuisine restaurants are the attractions here. For those of you looking to hold parties, they also have a banquet hall.

  13. GRS Fantasy Park

    Rating: 4.0 | Google Reviews: 906
    Location: Mysuru, Karnataka
    Timing:  10 AM-6 PM (Closes at 7 PM on Sundays)
    This is one of the most popular water parks in South India. Crowds find the water slides, water rides and multiple playgrounds to be among its top features.

  14. Suraj Water Park

    Rating: 3.8 | Google Reviews: 854
    Location: Thane, Maharashtra
    Timing:  10 AM-6 PM
    One of the main attractions of Suraj Water Park is the fact that the park holds six Limca Book of Records, one of them being Asia’s largest cave that’s made of fiber glass. Other highlights are rides such as Nanha Tal – a slide for kids, Labak and Zabak, Ding-Dong, Wave Pool and the Rainbow Slide. Cute names for rides!

  15. Kishkinta

    Rating: 3.8 | Google Reviews: 720
    Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    Timing:  10:30 AM-6:30 PM (Till 7 PM on Sundays)
    Set in the heart of nature, Kishkinta is surrounded by mountains, bushes, beautiful landscape leaving most of its visitors mesmerized. There are lots of options such as wave rides, wave pools, roller coasters and also toy trains for your little ones to have a good time!

  16. Vismaya

    Rating: 3.9 | Google Reviews: 452
    Location: Kannur, Kerala
    Timing:  11 AM-6 PM (Opens at 10:30 AM on Saturdays and Sundays)
    Started in 2008, Vismaya is operated fully by the rain water collected and stored in reservoirs during the monsoons. This is not just an amusement and water park, but also an infotainment park. Virtual water fall and the Laser show are the main attractions at Vismaya.

  17. AppuGhar Water Park

    Rating: 4.0 | Google Reviews: 302
    Location: Gurugram, Haryana
    Timing:  11 AM-7 PM
    AppuGhar at Gurgaon is a very large beach-themed water park which houses around 15 water rides which include Sky Fall, Aqua Loop, Crazy River and lots more. The park also offers Banquet facilities for about 2000 guests.

  18. Athisayam

    Rating: 3.7 | Google Reviews: 268
    Location: Madurai, Tamil Nadu
    Timing:  10 AM-6 PM (Closes at 7 PM on Sundays)
    This 70 acre amusement theme park is located 12 km away from Madurai and attracts visitors with about 40 games and 20 water rides. The water rides are the main attractions why kids and adults love visiting this park.

  19. Maniar’s Wonderland

    Rating: 3.5 | Google Reviews: 267
    Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    Timing:  10 AM-8:30 PM
    This amusement park consists of an indoor area with artificial snow, adventure rides as well as outdoor pools. All under one roof!

  20. Appu Ghar

    Rating: 4.1 | Google Reviews: 115
    Location: New Delhi, Delhi
    Timing:  12 PM-11:59 PM
    The first amusement part of India, Appu Ghar (Delhi), was opened as early as 1984 to commemorate the 1982 Asian Games. Children rides, Swinging sensations such as Big Splash, the Roller Coaster, my Fairy Lady etc., snow games such as skiing, sledding, ice boating, and the Tower of Thrills are some of the attractions here!

Yes, that was a quick ride through the top 20 theme parks in India. Well, we are sure you must have visited one or many of them. We’d love to hear about your experiences. How about sharing some of them through comments?