Cricket fans at their best

Cricket is not a game but a religion in a few countries, India being one of them. Cricket sees no caste, no creed, no class, just passion for the sport. A passion so deep that people go to ends to cheer for their countries and players. Here we have some crazy cricket fans sporting some funky props. As for us Indians “we talk cricket, we walk cricket, we eat cricket, we sleep cricket” is the apt thing to say !

With IPL around the corner, where barriers between countries come down and it’s just about the sport, arch rivals become a team and cricket a global religion. Players become Gods and victory becomes a festival.


Indian cricket fans

Jovial fans sporting a tri-colored turbans

Tri-Color me for whatever is left of it !


A Dhoni fan

Cricket Hulk Smash !

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India's 'biggest' fan Sudhir Kumar shows his support

A cap with pictures of Indian captain M.S.Dhoni

Flavors of World Cricket Fans !

Hindu-Muslim, Behen-behen

Tricolor stripes

Ind-Pak Unity is Strength

Yound Indian

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Roaring Bangladeshi Tiger

Ganguly head shave art

India bulls !

Fans of the Holland Cricket team

Tricolor Salon styles

Tri-color Bull head gear

World Cup head carving

Hope for a peaceful future

Irish cricket fans


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So let your IPL party begin in style with these cricket photo props !