Return gift ideas

10 Creative Return Gift Ideas for Your Kid’s Awesome Birthday Party

p>Birthday will surely be the greatest day of the year for your little ones. And the birthday party is the time when they will get the opportunity to boast of an entire year that has gone by. However, in spite of all the preparations done, a party is never complete without a suitable, yet innovative return gift to all those lovely dearies who have contributed to make your child’s day a blast. And nothing says “thank you” more than a cute reminder of this special day.

Haven’t decided on the return gift yet? Worry not. Untumble brings to you 10 awesome return gift ideas that will be the perfect cherry on top of your kid’s marvelous birthday cake!

#1 – Hobby Kits

hobby kit

Each child is different, with different talents and varied hobbies. Invest in bringing out these hobbies through various hobby kits. Whether it’s a mechanical tool set, airplane builder, Play-Doh, or Lego building blocks, hobby kits can be a great idea for return gifts for your kid’s friends.

#2 – Assorted Stationery Kit

Stationery kit

Stationery and kidswherever one goes the other follows. A stationery kit containing pencils, ruler, fancy erasers and pencil sharpeners, sketch pens, and a box of crayons can mean a lot when you have to say thank you.

#3 – Piggy Banks


Teaching your child the importance of saving through a piggy bank can be life-changing for them, as through little things like these they connect to the world. Piggy banks can be a perfect gift for kids above 8 years old; a lovely give-away.

#4 – Personalized Notebooks


You can give away personalized notebooks, stating the birth date and the year for kids to write into, or notebooks containing the drawings that your kid creates as bookmarks or section breakers between the pages. It’s not only creative but will serve as a memento as well.

#5 – Theme Sets


Something similar to the stationery kits, theme sets would contain different items belonging to the theme. For example, if you have a fairytale theme party, then you can have a set of fairy wands, tiaras, masquerade masks, and many other interesting things as the return gift.

#6 – Green Planting Kit

Green Planting Kit

Environment is a great theme to surround kids with. Allow them to gorge into a plantation kit, with all the necessary information needed for gardening and sampling plantation. At the end of the party ask them to plant at least one tree in their neighborhood and have a star in the kit to be worn after each tree planted.

#7 – Bracelet Kit

Bracelet kit

This section is for children who love the art of jewelry designing. Hand over a bracelet kit to put together great hand accessories to be worn as a style statement. Complete with threads and plastic strings, with beads and different shaped forms to be worn; this can be a great return gift.

#8 – DIY Kit


DIY is the recent craze among kids: young and old. Pack up a DIY kit for your kid’s friends complete with scissors, tape, craft sheets, glue, the necessary materials for the project, and an instruction card to create the project. This will be a great return gift for the friends.

#9 – LED Bands

LED Bands

Stylize your return gifts with LED bands that glow in the dark and also that show the time in the digital form. Available in different colors and quite cheap to procure, this can be an ideal and awesome gift to be given.

#10 – Customized T-shirts

Customized T-Shirt

Create awesome customized t-shirts with the theme of the party or lovely prints or quotes that are motivational for your kid and their friends. These customized t-shirts can be colorful or as per your child’s favorite color with “thank you” flowing through them.