DIY Rainbow theme birthday party

Confused about picking a party theme???

Turn the cheeriness of the colours into a theme with a Rainbow themed party! This is one theme you can’t go wrong with.

Colours are such a stimulation tool with kids. And a rainbow theme party gets everyone excited and there’s such a happy feel about it. And if it’s an outdoor party, then the rainbow is your answer.

A Rainbow theme party can have a lot of elements you can play around with- Sun, Clouds and Raindrops and how can I forget the myth of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

  • Rainbow Invites:
    Get your little one to draw out Rainbows on a chart paper, cut them up, write the details onto the back and voila! Beautiful personalised handmade invites ready to be sent out!
  • Rainbow Décor:
    There’s so much that you can do with this theme. We can play around with balloons, streamers, pom poms, rosettes. And guess what! All easy to make in the comfort of your own homes.Buy lots of tissue paper and make rainbow coloured pompoms, or fold some multi coloured chart paper into paper fans. And to create an interesting backdrop, you can cut out raindrops and clouds and put them together. This works as a beautiful, not very distracting backdrop for your cake and for beautiful pictures to cherish all your life.Get coloured chart paper and fold them into hats for the kids, you can personalise them by writing each kid’s name on it.
  • Rainbow Candy Counter:
    Well here’s another really interesting corner that you can create at your party. A rainbow candy counter!Who doesn’t like candies and chocolates and muffins?? Young and old all will drool at your wonderful candy counter.

    • Buy lots of coloured candy and sort them out colour wise and line them up in old fizz bottles or little fish bowls.
    • For lollipops, you can cover thermocol in coloured paper and poke lollipops into them colourwise.
    • Get plain muffins and ice them with rainbow coloured butter cream swirls.
    • Set rainbow coloured jelly in small plastic cups for the kids.
    • And for the health freaks, get coloured fruits (apples, orange, banana, pear, grape) and poke them into skewers colour wise.
    • Get an earthen pot and fill it up with gold coin chocolates, as your pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow
  • Rainbow activities/games:
    • Guess the candies in the jar – Ask the kids to guess the number of candies the jar and give away the candy jar as a prize to the one who came closest to the number
    • Rainbows-colours, well how can we miss out on a painting activity for kids! Hand out sheets of paper to the kids and lots of paint, crayons or colour pencils and let them pour out their creativity and witty fun on those sheets. Award each kid with gold coin chocolates from your pot of gold at the end.