8 Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Your child is another year older and another year wiser. What is the best way to celebrate there birthday in style. Kids are adventurous, energetic and imaginative and if you’re not around the ages of 5-10 it can be kind of hard to tap into that world. Paying attention to your child’s likes and dislikes will help you come up with the perfect party. Once you’ve got the theme down you start planning the guest list. I’m sure you know who your child’s best friends are, but since it’s their party, start by asking them who they want to invite. That way you’ll know exactly who to invite and ensure that they will all get along. Now that you’ve go the guest list down you need to start planning out your food menu.

Since its your child’s party start by asking them what kind of food they want served at the party. Kids usually shoot for junk food and candy, so make sure you add a little nutrition on the menu as well. Next up is the party supplies. What fun decorations do you want to choose? This should be a little easier now that you have a theme.Try choosing party supplies that your child agrees with and make sure it goes the chosen theme. Last on the list are the activities! How are you going to entertain your 5-10 year old guests? A pinata is always a crowd pleaser, but if you’d like to find out about more party ideas stay tuned for the following suggestions.

1) Bonfire Birthday

All you need is a backyard and fire pit for this DIY party! Invite all of your child’s friends over for a bonfire birthday bash! This will be excellent for a spring or summer time evening party that the family and kids of all ages will enjoy. Don’t be a party pooper, if your kids haven’t had enough of the fun, turn it into a backyard camping party. Pop some tents up and have an outdoor sleepover, don’t forget the bug spray.

2) Kawabunga Party

If you have a backyard and a pool you’ve already got the majority of your party set up and ready to go! Tell your guest to grab their swimsuits and grass skirts and throw a luau-themed birthday party. Make sure to purchase the perfect luau birthday party supplies from your local supply store and come up with fun water games to play in the backyard.


3) Movie Night Outdoors

Invite the kids over for a outdoor movie party! Fill your yard with blankets, sheets and some tasty treats for the kids to enjoy. You could even stop by the dollar store to like for birthday party supplies like decorative lights to add to the “night under the stars” theme. Pick a nice selection movies that will keep the kids occupied for the entire night.

4) Ice Cream Party

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!” It’s a no brainer that ice cream is a childhood favorite, so why not throw an ice cream party? Create your own little ice cream bar filled with a number of different flavors and be sure to include sprinkles! This party will definitely be a hit and cause the ultimate sugar rush!


5) Dress-Up Your Stuffed Animal

Set your guests up with a basket of doll clothes, scarves, hats, socks and jewelry.Tell them to dress up their stuffed animal any way they’d like. Once you’re done put on a stuffed animal fashion show and have each child show off their animal’s fashion. Make sure to blast some upbeat music to get the kids in the party spirit.