Rocking chair Cradle for classy parents !

So you have recently become a parent? If yes, we know exactly how your typical day looks like. With babies, you can never follow a fixed schedule. Your schedule needs to be fixed around them. Most parents have to work when their baby is sleeping. But, even while they’re sleeping…you’re can’t really concentrate on your work.

Now, imagine this. You might be busy doing something at your desk, or perhaps cutting vegetables in the kitchen or reading a book. But right then, your baby starts crying in their sleep. So, you have to leave whatever task you were occupied with and rush towards your baby. You rock the cradle till your baby falls asleep. Now, you’re distracted. You think if you stopped rocking the cradle, your baby might wake up again. So, you continue to stay there with your baby while your work gets left behind.

Sounds familiar? Well, you’d be glad by the end of this post. Because, in this article we introduce you to the ultimate hack for busy parents – Rocking Chair Cradles.

Yes, a cradle that comes with a rocking chair. All you have to do is sit on the rocking chair and while you’re rocking, your baby’s cradle gets rocked too. Simple, but a brilliant idea! Especially, when you know you can sit next to your baby, rock the cradle while also being able to do your work. Most importantly, you don’t have to go rushing from time to time to check on your sleeping baby. That way, you could finish your work while your mind is relaxed the whole time.

Sometimes, your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and you are forced to stay awake till the time they fall asleep again which often takes a while. We all know how much babies love playing during the night! Now, let them play all they want till they’re tired enough to sleep. While they’re playing, you can comfortably sit next to the rocking chair and get some sleep. Although, a rocking chair won’t be as comfortable as a bed, it’s comfortable just fine. Plus, the rhythmic movement of rocking promotes sound sleep.

And that reminds us of some advantages of a rocking chair, you might be interested to know:

  • The rocking motion promotes sound and restful sleep in babies and also for adults.
  • Rocking helps you tone your leg muscles. For those who can’t do weight-training exercises for any reason, might benefit from sitting on a rocking chair.
  • Sitting on a rocking chair helps ease Arthritis as well as back pain.
  • A rocking chair relaxes your body and mind.
  • Feeding your baby while sitting on the rocking chair has been proven to be beneficial, both for the mother as well as the baby. The chair provides the nursing mother with the right kind of support and balance.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a rocking chair cradle. It would prove to be a huge blessing for you, your partner or anybody who takes care of your baby. Have a friend or a family member who’ve had a baby recently? A rocking chair cradle would be a perfect gift for them. Don’t forget to team it with the comfortable cushion and bedding set.

The rocking chair cradle rocks, both metaphorically and literally!