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Chalkboard poster - Ball theme Birthday

₹ 699 / piece

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Personalized birthday chalkboard posters made of foam board. Custom printed with the info about your child provied in the form provided.

How do we pack cutouts :Cutouts larger than 1 feet are folded like a book as shown in the image below. The packaging that we use also includes a wooden MDF board to prevent folding of the package so no damage comes to the cutouts. When you open it a small piece of cellotape or a few drops of super glue is sufficient to make the fold stay straight.
Packing cutouts Step 1 Packing cutouts Step 2 Packing cutouts Step 3

Depending on the size and venue the cutouts can be setup differently.

Ceiling hangings These come with a ribbon attached so they only need to be tied or stuck to the ceiling using cello tape.

  • Metal stands The best option will be to use pre-fabricated metal stands like the one shown below. The cutouts can be stuck to these stands using double side tape. The base of the stand need to be heavy to prevent winds from blowing the stand down.
    Balloon column stand
  • Makeshift stands Where there is no wind, these can be made to stand using a photo frame setup like shown in the image below. The back stand can be made using 1 inch thermocol which can be stuck to the cutout using bell pins. This is ideal for 2 feet cutouts in an enclosed halls.
    Makeshift stand front view Makeshift stand back view

    Front view of temporary stand Back view of cutout with temporary stand
  • Garden/outdoor venues Use a 5 feet tall - 1/2 inch PVC pipe and root it to the ground. Use double side tape to stick the cutout to the PVC pipe. If the ground is tiled/floored use a flower pot to root the pipe. When using flower pots you need to strategicly place the pot so that it blends in seamlessly - like near a pillar or on a walkway.
Technical Details
Model Number 2838
Material Foam board which is a durable sturdy material
Dimension 1.5 feet in height
Item Weight 300 g
Additional Information
Requires pictures for customization No
Minimum order quantity 1