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Monster Theme Party Supplies

Monster Theme Party

Monster Theme is an extremely cute and innovative theme. Though a scary theme, it can be changed into a comical theme by using our animated monster supplies. You can throw a monster theme party for both a boy and a girl and it looks extremely fascinating. Here are a list of supplies:


You can invite your guests with our customized and adorable monster shaped invites or rectangular invites.

Entrance decoration

Welcome your little monsters with our monster shaped welcome poster. You can hang our customized monster buntings on the door. Handover each guest, customized monster hats. Along, with the party hats you can give our polka dotted yellow and white party blowers. 

Party hall decoration

To spread the vibes of the monster theme party, decorate your party area with our best selling monster theme backdrop. You can personalize your backdrop by adding your child's name, age, photograph ad other snippets of text. To create a scary yet comical atmosphere you can decorate the party area with our wall and ceiling hangings. The party hall might still look empty so don't forget to decorate the hall with a bunch of yellow and green balloons. If you feel that plain balloons are boring, you can use our yellow and red or green and white polka dotted balloons. Apart from the normal balloons we also have latex and foil balloons.

Dinning room decor

Don't miss out on our best selling dinning decor. We have a wide range of dinning supplies like table cover, cupcake stands, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, paper plates and paper cups.

Return gift bags

Thank your guests with our customized monster return gift bags. Along with the return gift bags you can attach tiny thank you cards to thank your quests.

Games for a monster theme party

Feed the monster

This is a fun game for your little monsters. Take a cardboard box and paint the face of a monster on it. Make sure that your monster has a super sized mouth. Cut the mouth part of the monster so that your little monsters can throw ping pong balls into the monsters mouth, from a distance. The child that throws the maximum balls into the monster's mouth is the winner. 

Eye Ball spoon race

This game is similar to lemon and spoon. Divide your little monsters into two teams. Have each time lined up behind a designated starting line. Convert two ping pong balls into a monsters's eyeball by coloring it with sketches. Give all the team members, separate spoons and assign one ping pong ball to each team. The first player in both the teams have to hold the spoon in their mouth and place the ping pong ball on the spoon. Both the players have to begin together, walk towards the finishing line and back with the spoon in their mouth. They cannot touch or drop the eyeball. If they do so they have to go back to the beginning. Once they finish their turn they have to pass the eye ball to the next member. The team in which all the players have completed the task before the opponent team completes, will win.