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Rockstar Theme Party Supplies

Rockstar Theme Party 

Your child is no doubt a rockstar, so why not celebrate your child's birthday the rockstar way? No matter how old you are, Rock and Roll gets onto your vibes. A Rockstar theme party can be celebrated in numerous ways. Right from party horns to table decor props, centrepieces to photo booth props, we have all the supplies for a perfect rockstar theme party. A rockstar theme party in the form of a Bollywood/ movie theme party will be perfect!


Your guest are extremely important to you . So don't forget to invite them with our customized rockstar theme invites. These invites can be shaped to clipboards or a scroll inside a popcorn mug. To make your party more interesting ask your guests to disguise themselves as different celebrities.


Give your guests a red carpet treatment in Bollywood "estyle". Decorate the entrance with foil curtains on either sides. You can further add balloons and other lighting effects. Each guest can be welcomed with a rockstar party hats or face masks of different celebrities.

Party hall decoration

Since your child is the rockstar of the show he/ she should be highlighted the maximum. Decorate the stage with our customized backdrop. You can add your child's name, photograph, age and other snippets of text. A finely decorated table can be placed on the centre of the stage, where the cake cutting will take place. Further you can add our foil curtains accompanied by our customized wall and ceiling cut-outs. The wall hangings can contain clapboard, popcorn, reel, camera, 3D glasses and ticket cutouts. The entire hall can  be decorated with balloons that will perfectly match your theme. 

The excitement of your party will increase when you entertain your guests with some photo booth props. Your guests will enjoy clicking photographs in our photo booth props. Add some funky photo booth props apart from the normal ones, for example you can have funky cutouts of Bollywood celebrities.

Table Decoration

Your dining hall can be decorated with popcorn tub cutouts. You can decorate each table with our customized table covers, centrepieces and balloon bouquets. Your guests can be served with our exclusive paper plates, cups, tissues, cupcake toppers, cupcake stands and other cutlery. The centrepieces can be in the form of a balloon bouquets or other cut-outs related to the theme.

Food and drinks to be served for a rock-star party

Since our rockstar party is also in a way a movie theme party, why not serve your guests with food and beverages that are available in a movie theatre? Here is a list of food and beverages:


Different varieties of sandwiches and wraps

Pizza and Burgers

Chat items like Bhel Puri and Pav Bhaji

Chips, Fryums and Nachos

Beverages- Milk shakes and other Aerated drinks

Return Gifts

Thank your guests for making your occasion special with our customized return gift bags. Add some exciting presents in their bags along with cute little thank you cards. 

Games for your rockstar theme party

Freeze Dance

Play some entertaining songs and ask your guests to dance on it. Once the music stops, all the guests must freeze. Any person caught moving will be disqualified.

Best dressed Award

Ask each of your guests to disguise as a celebrity of their choice. They can then come up on the stage and imitate that particular celebrity. The best dressed and the best performer will be given a present.