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Superhero Theme First Birthday Party

Superhero Theme Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love superheroes? Every child has a favourite superhero whom they follow passionately and love to watch. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, these are some of the famous superheroes who rule over children’s hearts. If your son loves watching superheroes or dressing up as one, then a superhero themed party will be a fantastic choice for his next birthday. And for this special, fun party, our superhero theme party supplies will be just perfect.

Our superhero themed collection is filled with action packed decorations and supplies. Spread the word about the party with our fun invitations. Welcome the guests to the party venue by decking the entrance with our welcome banner. Decorate the hall with balloons, buntings and cut-outs that we offer in this collection. We also sell matching chair backs, cupcake and straw toppers, water bottles, and centrepieces. They are designed with superhero logos and images that go perfectly with the theme. You can personalize these products with your son’s name and age.

When the kids arrive, hand out superhero wristbands, Spiderman masks or Iron man masks. You will also find a charming wish tree where they can write their wishes and have fun. Kids can also pose in the coordinating superman boy and girl photo booth to get funny pictures clicked. Don’t send them home empty handed! Pack goodies and candies in our gift bags along with thank you notes to make the party the most memorable bash ever.

What fun can a party be without games? Try some of these interesting and exciting games to make your party even more fun filled.

  1. Catch the villainGet an adult to play the villain. He has a bag filled with assorted candy. The kids chase the villain and if one of them manages to tag him, the villain has to give the kid a candy in order to be released. Game continues till all the candy is gone.
  2. Kryptonite TossTake a few buckets and cover them in aluminium foil to make them look like planets. Paint ping pong balls in green to mimic kryptonite. Let the children stand at a distance from the bucket and try to throw the "kryptonite" into the "planets". Give them three balls each and let them throw them from different distances for more fun.

You can a host a great themed birthday bash for your son with supplies from Untumble. At Untumble, we bring the best themed party supplies which can be completely customized with your child’s name, age and more. Take a look at the various themes we offer, and throw the most amazing birthday party for your child.