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Circus Theme Birthday Party Supplies

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A Circus is travelling company of entertainers including acrobats, animals, clowns, etc. Kids are amazed at a circus and expect the same dazzle at a Circus Theme Party. Planning for a circus theme party is easy since the theme is well known. Some sort of entertainment is a must and you cannot do without a clown.

Food ideas for a Circus Theme Party

  • Welcome drink : Colourful soda pop
  • Starters : Candies and popcorn

Games for a Circus Theme Party

  • Group Ball juggling - Form groups of 4-6 kids and ask them to pass 2-3 balls at the same time between them. The group that last longest without dropping a ball wins.
  • Hoop the lion - Have a cutout of a lion and a hoop big enough to go through its head. The point is to hoop the Lion from a marked point. The number of successes out of 3-5 attempts decides the winner