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Valaikappu | Seemantham | Bangle ceremony Decor

Valaikappu also known as Seemantham or Bangle Ceremony in different parts of South India, is a traditional Hindu ceremony that celebrates a woman's pregnancy. The ceremony is typically held during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy and is considered an important milestone for the mother-to-be and her family. The ceremony involves the tying of bangles or glass bracelets, also known as Valai in Tamil, on the pregnant woman's wrists, as a symbol of good luck and protection for the mother and the unborn child. During the ceremony, the mother-to-be is typically dressed in a new sari and is adorned with flowers and jewelry. Traditional rituals are performed, such as the lighting of lamps and the offering of prayers to the deities, seeking blessings for the mother and the unborn child. The women gathered also sing traditional songs and play games. It is also seen as an opportunity to celebrate the impending arrival of a new member to the family and strengthen family bonds.

Here are five traditional games that are often played at Valaikappu ceremonies:

  • Oonjal / Swing Game: A decorated swing is set up, and women take turns swinging on it while singing traditional songs. It is believed that swinging helps the baby to settle into a good position for delivery.
  • Guess the Gender: This game involves guessing the gender of the baby by looking at certain objects. For example, if the pregnant woman has cravings for sweets, it is believed that she is carrying a girl.
  • Tambola / Housie: This is a popular game in which participants buy tickets with numbers on them. The host then calls out random numbers, and the first person to cross off all the numbers on their ticket wins a prize.
  • Aattu Kattil / Goat and Bed Game: This game involves hiding a small toy or object under a pile of blankets or pillows. Participants then take turns trying to find the toy by jumping on the pile of blankets, while blindfolded.
  • Uriyadi / Pot Breaking: This game involves blindfolding a participant and giving them a stick. A pot filled with goodies such as sweets or coins is then hung up, and the participant must break the pot by hitting it with the stick. It is believed that this game brings prosperity and the person who breaks the pot is believed to have good luck.
  • Kummi: This is a traditional dance that is popular in Tamil Nadu. Women form a circle and sing traditional songs while clapping their hands and stepping in time to the music.
  • Kolattam: This is a stick dance that is popular in South India. Women form two lines facing each other, and they clap sticks together in a rhythmic pattern while dancing.