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Save more with Discounted House Party Kits for Farm birthday party decorations | Baby Barnyard Theme  !

Farm birthday party decorations | Baby Barnyard Theme

Baby Barnyard Theme Party Pack

 Bored of the same old theme parties? Why not try something different? We are sure that your child loves watching and listening to the sounds made by farm animals. Starting from roosters to pigs, cock-a-doodle-do to oink oink we all adore farm animals irrespective of age. Get the real feel of a farm when the cows in your party will go moo moo moo, with our baby barnyard theme party supplies. Here are some of our barnyard theme party supplies:


You are organizing a farm party! And a farm without farm animals is not a farm. So why not invite your farm animals with our personalized barnyard theme party invites? You can of course customize the invites according to your preference and make it appealing to your guests.



Your entire party hall will look decorative! But, what about your entrance? Decorate your entrance with our best selling welcome banners along with our customized barnyard party hats which are engraved with little baby farm animals. All these supplies are included in the pack but apart from this you can welcome your guests with small welcome gifts like our barnyard wrist bands and animal masks.


Now that we are done with the entrance the next step is to decorate the party hall. Use our barnyard backdrops which can be customized according to your child's age,name and other snippets of text. Apart from the backdrop you can also use the animal posters that are a part of the pack.We have additional posters that will give your party the perfect farm look. You can further decorate your party area with a bunch of balloons, included in the pack. Apart, from the balloons in the pack you can also try out our balloon bouquets. Our balloon bouquets include cow print helium balloons along with shiny metallic balloons or latex balloons which will add the perfect spice to your farm party. 


Now that you are following the barnyard theme, why not have a barnyard theme table decor? Treat your guests with our customized table cloth, paper plates, cups, tissues, bottle wrappers and food labels. Not to forget the most attractive part of the table decor, is our barnyard theme centrepieces.


A party without games is going to be very boring. And you don't want your farm animals getting bored. So, here are a list of games for your barnyard theme party:

Harvest Game

For this game you will require a huge party hall. Hide some toy fruits and vegetables in different places in the party hall. Divide your farm animals into two groups. Ask each group to find as many fruits and vegetables possible in a stipulated time period. Whichever team finds the maximum fruits and vegetables, in the stipulated time will be the winner. Gift the winning team small presents.

Animal Corners

This game is similar to the four corner game. Divide your party hall into four corners and alot each corner, a particular farm animal. Prepare chits which contains the name of the four different animals and place them in a basket or a tiny box. Play some music and allow the children to dance. Once the music stops, the children have to go any corner of their choice  and once the children are settles pick out a chit. The chit which has the specific animal's name that team will get eliminated. Place the chit back in the basket or box and continue the game. The game will continue until one kid is left and he is the winner.


Your guests have taken the efforts to make your day special! So, why not thank them with our barnyard return gift bags filled with some amazing presents along with a thank you note. Before they leave, don't forget to ask them to pen down their wishes in our customized wish book for your child.