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Winnie The Pooh Theme Birthday Party

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Winnie The Pooh Theme Birthday Party

A classic and popular cartoon, Winnie the Pooh is the favourite character of children and even adults. Cute, sweet and adorable, this friendly teddy bear rules over the hearts of his little fans. If your child loves watching Winnie the Pooh, then a party based on this theme will be the ideal choice for his/her next birthday. If you’re confused where to start, take a look at our Winnie the Pooh theme party supplies. They will be perfect for this birthday bash.

To start with, you need decorations. Add flair to the entrance of the party venue by decorating it with our welcome banner. It features Pooh, Piglet and other beloved characters from the show, and can be customized with your baby’s details. Decorate the stage with a matching backdrop that we offer. We also sell beautiful cut outs of Winnie in different poses, as well as cut outs of Tiger, Piglet and Eeyore with balloons for added fun.

When the kids arrive, hand out our Winnie the Pooh wristbands and party hats. You will also find basic party supplies like paper plates, water bottles and more in our collection. Deck the tables with lovely themed centrepieces and enliven the food counter with exciting food labels and cupcake toppers. Send the kids home happy by handing out toys or candy in our gift bags along with thank you cards to make the party unforgettable.

To take the fun to the next level, you can try having some games that coordinate with your theme. Here are a few ideas that you can use:

  1. Count the bears in the hunny jar Take a clear jar, fill it up with lots of yellow and black gummy bears. Your guests need to guess how many gummy bears are present in the jar. The person with the closest guess gets to take the jar full of candy home as the prize.
  2. Bouncing Tigger race Get each of the participants into sacks (you can even use a large pillowcase). With the sack on, they will have to hop from the start line to the finish line. The child who reaches the finish line first, wins.

You can a host a wonderful Winnie the Pooh themed birthday bash for your son or daughter with our wonderful party supplies. At Untumble, we offer customizable party supplies in a wide range of themes to suit every child’s fancy. Browse the various themes we offer, and host a unique and exciting birthday party for your child.