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Buy Christmas Decoration Items Online India

Party Venue Decor

Christmas meanscelebration, merriment, and truckloads of fun, for both kids and adults alike.When you throw a Christmas party, you want your decorations to reflect thatsame vibe of joy and cheer that the festival is all about. And with our set ofChristmas decorations, you don’t have to hunt high and low to make your party araging hit!

>We have everythingthat you need to ‘deck the halls with boughs of holly!’

Right from Santa,snowmen and reindeer, to candy sticks, bells and wreaths, we offer a wide rangeof decorations in the form of wall posters, ceiling hanging accents, andhardboard cut-outs. A party backdrop that can be customised with your photo isalso available. You can arrange all these items around your venue to match yourdecor theme. Guests will instantly feel elated and get into the party mood whenthey see these classic decorations. 

We have red paperplates, cups and tissue paper packs featuring white polka dots that lend afestive look to your buffet table. To help you add a celebratory touch to yourparty favours, we also offer candle and tree-shaped tags, which you canpersonalise with your name. For the complete package, you can opt for ourChristmas Party Pack that contains 17 items, including bunting, poms poms,favour tags and hair bands. 

Parties are all about having fun, and to ensure your party is a success, youcan host a variety of games for your guests. Here are some cool ideas right offthe bat…

For kids

Pin the Nose on Rudolph: This is a twist on the classic kids’ game - pin the tail on thedonkey. Instead, you have a Rudolph cut-out, and kids have to try and pin anose on his face, while they’re blindfolded. The one who gets the nose closestto the right spot on Rudolph’s face wins.

Jingle Bell Toss: This is like beerpong, but for the kids. Line kids up and arrange brightly coloured paper cupsat a distance. Hand out colourful jingle bells to each child, and let them tryand toss them into cups. The child who gets maximum bells in the cups wins.

For adults and couples

Carol Pictionary: This is to be playedin teams of two, so it’s perfect for couples. Write names of carols on slips ofpaper, and fold them up. Then a member of each team takes turns to pick one,and draws something on a whiteboard. His/her partner has to guess the carol bylooking at the picture. 

Christmas Painting: Every participate should hold a paper plate on top of their headand start drawing the Christmas items the facilitator asks them to draw. Itcould be things like Christmas tree, stockings, bells, etc. There could also besome additional directions such as the stockings are to be drawn on thebottom-right side of the tree. The picture that bears the closest resemblanceto the description wins!

At Untumble, we also design and make free personalised
Christmas greetings available to spreadthe holiday cheer. You can personalize, download and share them with yourfriends and family on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Merry Christmas andHappy Holidays from Team Untumble!