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Save more with Discounted House Party Kits for Peacock themed birthday party supplies and decoration !

Peacock themed birthday party supplies and decoration

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Peacock Theme

Peacock is the national bird of India. This beautiful bird never fails to mesmerize us; with its brightly colored feathers that have the distinct ‘eye’ pattern. Gorgeous and unique, this bird very well captures the attention of anyone who sets their eyes on it. If you are thinking of an apt birthday party theme for your little one, a theme based on peacock will be perfect. Your decorations can be in beautiful greens and blues, with peacock feathers as decorative accents, making your child’s birthday party truly unique.

At Untumble, we offer a vast collection of party supplies to transform your venue into the perfect Peacock-themed space. Welcome guests to your bash with our wonderful welcome board at your entrance. Deck your party space with the large and eye-catching backdrop and stage decorations that we offer. Get your little birthday boy or girl to be the center of attention with name buntings and cut outs, that will also add color and interest to your event venue. Give a perfect finishing touch to the decor with bright green polka dotted balloons.

Our unique and beautiful table covers, cups and centerpieces will give your birthday party a colorful and charming look. The little guests will enjoy wearing our fun party hats that are accented with peacock feathers. Pair them with cute matching wristbands for added fun. Fill goodies in our birthday piñata and watch the kids have fun hitting/pulling it to get the treats. They will also enjoy posing for pictures in the lovely photo booth. You can customize these supplies with your child’s name, age or other unique text to make the party even more perfect for your child.

Don’t let there be a single dull moment in your party. Keep everyone entertained with some fun and interesting games. 

Peacock egg hunt: This game is great for kids of all ages. Hide large fake eggs around the party venue. Then set the kids loose! You can give hints to the children as to where they will find the eggs. You can use plastic eggs for this purpose. Color them in blue and green to match the theme. You can also get hollow eggs and fill them with small chocolates or toys as prizes for the kids who find them.

Feather balancing: This is a fun game for kids that are a little older. Arrange kids at the start point. Give each of them a peacock feather. They have to walk from the start line to the finish line trying to balance the feather on their palm or finger (depending on the size of the feather and the age of the kids). The kid who reaches the finish line first, wins.

Your child will have a very enjoyable and memorable birthday party when you plan it with us. And you can host it with ease by shopping for the supplies on our website. We provide the best party decorations and supplies that can be customized with your child’s details, to make every birthday party a unique and fun-filled experience!