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Peppa Pig Theme Birthday Party

Cartoons are enjoyed by kids of all ages. Children love watching cartoons in their free time and would watch them all day if given the chance! And one of the most popular cartoon at the moment is Peppa Pig. So why not host a unique Peppa Pig party for your little one’s birthday? Our Peppa Pig theme birthday supplies will help you throw the perfect theme party with ease. All your little guests will soon want to oink like pigs and jump in muddy puddles when they attend this fun-filled theme party.

Starting from decorations and backdrops to plates and more, our Peppa Pig themed collection is packed with all the supplies you could think of. Designed in pink and other coordinating colours, they are great for a little girl’s party. Additionally, you can personalize all of these products with your child’s name, age or any other custom text to make the celebration extra special.

Get our beautiful pink and white polka dot balloons to add colour and fun to your party venue. We also sell balloon pumps to help you fill the rubber latex balloons effortlessly. Deck the focal wall with a lovely flex backdrop featuring all the beloved characters from the Peppa Pig series. Select the size that you want and add your baby’s name and age to get a customized backdrop for your party. Put up our Happy Birthday bunting up on any wall to spread the festive cheer. Pair it with cut outs and posters made of artboard or foam board featuring George Pig, Zoe the Zebra, Rebecca the Rabbit, and more.

Hand out our Peppa Pig hats to each child and watch them wear their favourite character hats with glee. You can also coordinate your table settings with pink and white polka dotted paper plates.

To add to the fun, you can also make the kids play games that go with your Peppa Pig birthday party theme. Here are a few ideas to so:

  1. Animal sound competition - Kids get to make their favourite animal sounds. You can hand out prizes to kids for the best, loudest, silliest or even most obnoxious animal sound. You can also ask the kids to try and make the best pig snort noise.
  2. Musical puddles - In this version of musical chairs, you place several cardboard muddle cut outs on the floor. Children can dance around them when the music plays and when it stops, they have to step on a puddle. The child that does not find a puddle to stand on is out. Remove a puddle every time the music stops and continue the game till you have a winner.

At Untumble, we want to help you host the most enjoyable parties by providing you with personalized decorations and the best birthday supplies. So go ahead and throw a fantastic party for your kid’s birthday with our themed party supplies to see that smile grow wider and wider.