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Elephant Theme Birthday Party Supplies

Elephant Theme Birthday Party

Looking for an adorable theme party? Then an elephant theme will be the best choice. Elephants are extremely cute and adorable. It is not only an unique theme but also apt if your child loves elephants. Here are a list of ideas for an elephant theme party. 


Decorate your entrance with a bunch of balloons, along with our customized elephant theme welcome poster. As when your little guests enter, give them our attractive elephant theme party hats and wrist bands. Before that don't forget to invite your guests with our customized elephant theme invites.

Stage decor

Decorate the stage with our customized elephant theme backdrop. The backdrop can be customized according to your child's age, name, photograph and other snippets of text. Use our elephant theme buntings and posters to decorate the hall. These posters can be used as wall and ceiling hangings as well. Your party hall might still look incomplete. So why not use our orange and grey metallic and latex balloons. Memories last for forever so why not capture them in the best and most adorable way? You can use our customized elephant theme photo booth. Your guests will have a blast with the photo booth.

Dinning decor

We have a wide range of dinning decor. Serve your guests food and beverages in our customized paper plates and paper cups. Decorate the tables with our customized table cover and center pieces. You can place your yummy cupcakes on our customized cupcake stands. Decorate your cup cakes with some attractive cup cake toppers. Label each food item with our elephant theme food labels. 

Return Gift  Bags

Thank your guests with our adorable and captivating return gift bags along with our thank you cards. The return gift bags can be customized according to your choice.

Games for an elephant theme party

Feed the elephant

Arrange for some colourful balls and place it inside a basket. Paint the image of an elephant on a card board with its mouth open and make sure there is a whole on the mouth area. Ask the children to form a line and one by one each child has to throw all the balls inside the elephants mouth. Make sure that there is a reasonable distance between the child and the elephant cardboard. The child who has thrown the maximum balls inside the elephants mouth is the winner. 

Best elephant ears

Provide each guest with hair bands, paper, glue, scissors, grey ribbons and grey and pink paints. Ask each guest to make creative elephant ears. Set a reasonable time limit. The guest who makes the best elephant ear is the winner.