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Ballerina Party Theme | Ballerina Party Supplies

Ballerina theme/ Ballet theme

Get ready for an amazing birthday bash with Untumble ! Your baby girl is no less than an angel for you, She is an blessing in disguise, so why not give her the best ? Plan the most adorable theme for her birthday and we will make sure that she will enjoy it to the fullest. From pink centerpieces to glittery table wear we have all the supplies that will match your ballerina theme party.


Now that you have planned for an adorable ballerina party, you must make sure that everything is perfect! So the first thing you can do is invite your guests with our captivating ballerina invites. And what's more? You can customize them according to your own preferences.


Along with your party hall decoration, your entrance decoration also matters. So decorate your entrance with our cute Ballerina ceiling and wall hangings. Along with that hang a bunch of balloons on either sides of the entrance. Welcome, your guests with our adorable welcome posters. To spread the ballerina vibes give each of your guest a ballerina party hat along with our customized ballerina wrist bands. 

Party hall decoration

Decorate your party hall with our pink and white metallic and latex balloons. You can also give it a goofy touch with our pink and white polka dotted balloons. Make your stage area look divine, by adding our best selling ballerina backdrop along with our ballerina posters. Apart from this, you can also add our pink paper pom - poms in and around the party hall. If you feel that the stage has to be decorated some more, you can add our pin paper fans.

Dinning room decor

Place a sparkly pink customized table cloth on each table. Let, each table have our ballerina centerpieces or balloon centerpieces. You can serve your guests food and beverages in our polka dotted plates and cups. You, can also keep our polka dotted tissue papers. If you are treating your guests with cupcakes, don't forget to place them on our cup cake stands. To add a quirky touch to our cupcakes, you add our ballerina cupcake toppers.

Return gifts

Thank your little ballerinas with our return gift bags. Don't forget to ask your guests to pen down their wishes in our ballerina wish book. 

Games for your Ballerina theme party

Ballerina freeze dance

Put on a ballet music and ask your little ballerinas to dance on it. Stop the music on regular intervals. Whenever the music stops the ballerinas are expected to freeze. If any ballerina makes a moment while the others are freezing, she will be eliminated. Resume the music again, and continue the process until one ballerina is left.

Ballerina, how do you dance?
Ask all your ballerinas to form a circle and sit on the floor. And then call out a child,s name. For example, if the child's name is Dolly, you would say Dolly ballerina, how do you dance? Dolly ballerina will then have to get up and perform a ballet move. Once she is done, she can call out a another ballerina's name in the same way. This process continues until every ballerina has got a turn.