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Candyland theme birthday party decorations

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The Candy Land Theme First Birthday Party

Candies, Sweets, chocolates are valuable currencies in a child's world. It lights up their eyes and makes their day. A Candy Land Theme Birthday Party will make any kids day special.

Decoration ideas for a Candyland Theme Party

  • Invites - The invitation to the Candy Theme Birthday should be shaped as a large lolly or a candy. The invite envelope can have a few candies as well.
  • Venue Entrance - The decoration at the venue starts at the entrance which can have a very colorful table with a few bowls of candies and colorful party horns. The Entrance hall can be decorated with candy theme welcome posters.
  • Kids props - Make your guests feel special by giving each of them a party hat. These candy hats are extremely cute, featuring the different candy characters. We offer a set of 10 hats in our pack. We also have  candy theme customized wrist bands. Each child will be thrilled to wear these cute little wrist bands. 
  • Party area decoration - Decorate the stage, with our customized candy theme backdrop. The Backdrop will be featuring different candy characters and it will look extremely colorful. To give the backdrop a brighter look, you can hang some pom poms on either sides. The walls and ceilings can be decorated with different candy posters. Pink and yellow balloons can be used to further decorate the entire hall. In addition, we also have white and yellow and pink and white polka dotted balloons. Balloon bouquets with metallic, latex and foil balloons can be set up. Candy shaped danglers and buntings will definitely make your party look like a candy world. Photo booths are trending, so don't forget to have them in your party. 
  • Table decor - Decorate your tables with our customized candy theme table cloth. Place a bowl of candies in addition with our balloon bouquets in the centre. Arrange the dining room with our customized candy theme, cupcake stands, cupcake toppers, paper plates, paper cups and tissues. Label each food item with our customized food labels. Keep a separate table for a bowl of lollipops and other candies. 

Return Gifts

Make each guest feel special by gifting them some candies in our customized candy theme return gift bags. Don't forget to attach a thank you card along with the candies.

Games for the Candyland Theme Birthday Party

  • Candy Jar - Fill a transparent jar with a lot of candies and treats for the kids. Pass the jar around so the kids get a closer look at the jar. They now have to guess the number of candies and treats in the jar, the closest guess wins the jar.
  • Break the pinata - Suspend the pinata filled with candies and treats. Kids get 3 hits to break the pinata blind folded.
  • Four Corners - This is a musical game for both kids and adults. Four corners are designated with candy names and players are asked to dance around the four corners till the music plays, at the end of which they have to choose a corner. A designated person is blindfolded before the start of the game. When the music stops he calls out a candy name and all kids in that corner get eliminated. This continues until there is only one player left.