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Nursery Rhymes Theme Party

Nursery Rhymes Theme Birthday Party

One of the first things that little children love to learn and recite is nursery rhymes. Younger kids are often familiar and comfortable with rhymes, and this makes a perfect party idea for them. So for your child’s first or second birthday party, you can try a unique nursery rhymes theme. Our nursery rhymes theme birthday supplies will help you put together this fun party easily.

Our nursery rhyme-themed collection is packed with products that you will love. Deck the stage or focal wall with our backdrop that is designed according to your requirement. You can personalize it with your child’s name and age as well. We also offer a welcome banner that you can display near the entryway to greet guests in style.

Deck up your party venue or home with our ceiling hangings and posters. We provide foam board cutouts such as Ferris wheels, old MacDonald and more. Decorate the centre table or a wall with a lovely happy birthday bunting banner that we offer. This can again be customized with your baby’s name.

A party is incomplete without birthday hats. So hand out our themed party hats to every little guest at your kid’s birthday bash. Send them home with goodies packed in the stickered gift bags that we sell.

Little kids can get bored easily so keep them entertained with some interesting games. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  1. HUMPTY DUMPTY'S EGG AND SPOON RACE Give each child a spoon with a boiled egg placed on it. Make sure you draw a Humpty Dumpty face picture on the eggs before you hand them out. The kids have to walk quickly from the start to end point with the spoon in their mouth without dropping the egg.
  2. LITTLE MISS MUFFET Make the kids sit in a circle. Select one kid to walk outside the circle holding a toy spider as the other kids recite the rhyme ‘Little Miss Muffet’. At the end of the rhyme, the kid who is walking outside the circle will set the spider down behind another kid. This kid (second kid) must quickly turn around, pick up the toy spider and chase the first kid around. The second kid tries to touch the first kid before he/she runs back to the empty space in the circle. If the second kid manages to touch the first kid, then he/she must repeat the entire process again. However, if the first kid reaches the empty space before being touched, the second kid then walks outside the circle looking for a place to set down the toy spider!

You can now a host a wonderful nursery rhyme themed birthday party for your little one effortlessly. At Untumble, we offer the best themed party supplies which can be fully customized to your liking. Shop for our birthday party products and host a memorable celebration for your child’s next birthday.