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Krishna Theme Birthday party supplies & decor

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The darling of Vrindavan, little Krishna is loved by all for His helpfulness, loving nature and bag full of mischiefs. Though divine, Krishna is considered to be a friend both by the young and the old. However, kids seem to be more crazy about this supreme God and this has more to do with His jovial nature and the pranks that He can conjure up.

So, as your little boy turns one more year older, help him celebrate to the fullest by organizing for him a Krishna themed birthday party. Infusing such a theme into the birthday party won’t just add fun but also the invisible spiritual element that is so often missing these days. Think no more! Let the apple of your eye move into the new year with his friends in a fun-filled manner with our Krishna themed birthday party supplies.

At Untumble, we offer a variety of party items with little Lord Krishna infused into them in delightful ways. At the very outset, you can send out adorable Krishna themed invitations and let your closed ones know about the surreal experience they can expect at your child’s birthday party. We also offer cheerful Krishna decorations like welcome banners and entrance banners that will light up the mood of your guests as they enter the party.

To further illuminate the party mood, you can opt for Krishna decorations like themed backdrops, buntings, table covers, centerpieces and much more. If everything at the party talks out loud about little Krishna, then why should food be an exception? No, it shouldn’t be and we ensure that it won’t with our Krishna themed candy counters and food labels. Apart from this, we have hats, balloons, wristbands, photo booths and photo frames that will let the kids have fun during the party. As they leave, they will be disappointed, but you can make them leave happily with gift bags and thank you cards, all of which are Krishna themed, letting them remember the day for a long time.

But how can we have kids and no games! Yes, that is not possible and you should definitely throw in some games to double the fun. Here a few game ideas;

  1. Maakhan chor competition – Players are supposed to find hidden cups of butter in the playing area and then eat the butter with their hands. Every player is supposed to finish one cup and the player who does this first, wins.
  2. Know your Little Krishna – An interesting but simple quiz on Lord Krishna should be something that the kids would love. Just make sure that even the wrong answers are rewarded, even if in a very small way. Here are a few questions that can be part of the quiz;
    1. Who was Lord Krishna’s best friend? – Sudama
    2. What is Lord Krishna’s actual mother’s name? - Devki
    3. Lord Krishna is which God’s avatar? – Vishnu
    4. What is Lord Krishna’s brother’s name? - Balaram
    5. Where did Lord Krishna spend his Childhood? – Vrindavan
    6. What did Lord Krishna steal from Gopi’s pot? - Maakhan

The Krishna theme decorations, goodies and games will ensure the best time for your child and his friends. At Untumble, we have supplies for many such party themes, all of which are crafted with fun in mind. Do check out our theme collection. You will find supplies which will help you to throw really cool parties. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, please leave a comment. We will definitely work towards adding it to our collection.

Below are pictures of party decor done by Untumble