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Yellow and Blue Baby Shower

Yellow and Blue Baby Shower

Being a mother is a happy and often overwhelming occasion for any woman. When she is pregnant, friends and family shower her with blessings, gifts, tips, suggestions and more to make her feel special. So why not throw a fun-filled baby shower for her with all her loved ones? If you want to make this party a smashing success, our baby shower supplies will be perfect.

Our yellow and blue baby shower collection includes all the supplies and decorations that you will need for this special occasion. We have balloons in yellow as well as blue with white polka dots to help you get started. We also offer colourful balloon pumps to get your balloons ready in a jiffy. A beautiful welcome banner will make your entrance look fantastic. Team it with our complementing backdrop to spruce up your stage. At Untumble, we are focussed on creating customized theme party supplies which you can personalize according to your needs and requirements.

Let guests have some fun by posing in our funny photo booth. It has images of babies with cut outs for parent’s faces. You can serve dinner or snacks to the guest in our yellow or blue and white polka dotted paper plates.

You can keep friends, relatives and well-wishers entertained throughout the party with unique party games. Here are a few ideas:

  1. BABY SOCKS GAME Get 12-14 pair of baby socks and a stopwatch. Place all the socks, unpaired on the floor. Set the timer for one minute and ask each guest to match as many socks as they can within the stipulated time. Whoever matches the most socks is the winner. Fun and simple!
  2. GUESS THE MEASUREMENTS Pass a ball of thread or yarn and a pair of scissors to the guests. Tell them to cut a piece of thread in the length that they think is equal to the expecting mother’s belly. Then let them come up one by one to the mother, and hold their string around her waist to check if they were right. The person whose string length comes close to the real measurement wins.

Baby showers can be fun and exciting for the expecting parents with our wonderful choice of decorations and supplies. At Untumble, you will find a host of customizable party supplies that will make every celebration a memorable and fun-filled one.