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Camouflage theme birthday party supplies

We often believe that kids love superheroes. The superheroes we see in sci-fi movies are great, but the real superheroes are our soldiers, battling in the army for our protection. Hence, these superheroes should be the ones that kids should look up to, and want to emulate. So for your child’s next birthday party, throw them a super cool camouflage-themed birthday party that is sure to be a hit with both the kids and parents, alike. You can plan this party easily, with a range of decorations and supplies from Untumble.

Get the children excited about the party well in advance with our unique army-themed invitations. This will have them looking forward to the fun birthday bash. To get your party space decked up for the celebrations, you will need eye-catching decorations that match your theme. Our beautiful camouflage bunting, name bunting, and printed balloons in green, will add the right army element to your event space and set the mood for the party.We also sell balloon pumps which will help you get the balloons ready and up in a jiffy.

Our wall posters, ceiling hangings and art board or foam board cut outs will add the perfect finishing touch to your decorations.They are available in tank and kid soldier shapes for added fun. Kids will love posing for pictures in our solider photo booth. You can personalize most decorations and party supplies with your son’s name, age and or other unique text, to add your personal flair to the event. 

Ramp up your birthday party and keep the kids’energy levels high by organizing some games and activities. If you’re stuck with ideas, here are some fun games that are perfect to go with this fantastic theme!

  • PASSING THE GRENADE:Same concept as passing the parcel, with the twist that you are using a grenade. You can get a toy grenade from a novelty store, or fill a green balloon with water or sand and use that. Ask the kids to form a circle, start the music and have them pass the grenade to each other in one direction.  When the music stops, the kid that has the grenade will be out of the game. Play the music again and repeat till you have a winner.
  • RESCUE OPERATION: Divide the children into two groups. Ask two kids from each group to act as wounded soldiers. This would be the time for them to show off their acting abilities. We all know, kids love acting! The wounded stay at one end, and the other soldiers are at the opposite end of the game area. Soldiers will run to the injured, wrap them in paper, and carry the wounded soldier to the other end. You can use toilet paper or crepe paper for wrapping and a large towel to be used as a stretcher. Once completed, they will go back for the other wounded soldier. The first team that completes the task is the winner.

Planning a kid’s birthday party is now easy and enjoyable with all sorts of party decorations and supplies from Untumble. We stock up on a large number of themes, and allow you to customize our products to make the decorations look even more special. Shop at Untumble and throw your child the most amazing birthday party ever!