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Minion theme party supplies


Ba-ba-banana! This is what they scream in excitement when they see their favorite food item. Yes, you have guessed it correctly, we are talking about the adorable minions. Since the release of the movie ‘Despicable Me’ in 2010, the minions have rapidly become a favorite among kids, courtesy their care-free behavior, sincerity to their master, and language that will make you laugh your head off.

Owing to their popularity among kids, a minion theme birthday party is guaranteed fun for the kids these days. These adorable blue and yellow bundles of joy are sure to add flair and frolic to the whole occasion. Every child wants their birthday party to be special. They want this important day to be remembered by all their friends as ‘the best birthday party ever’. And what better way to do this than by introducing some care-free minions into the picture with our minion theme party supplies.

At Untumble, we offer minion-themed backdrops, minion centerpieces, minion hats, blowers, and much more to add the fun element to your kid’s birthday party. Tim, Stuart, Jerry, Phill, Dave – we have all the favorite minions. We even have minion food labels to give the party-food an extra quirk. And when the kids are tired from all the minion games, they can go over to the table and grab refreshments from the minion cupcake stand. There is also a birthday name bunting held up by some energetic minions. Imagine your kid’s joy when he/she sees his/her favorite minion holding up their name in a greeting. We also have minion-themed gift bags and goodies to be given as return gifts to the guests so that they can remember the awesome day forever.

Along with these items, a few minion-themed games could go a long way in sparkling up the atmosphere. Here are a few game ideas;

  • Minion Rush – Each child is given a piece of paper which has an object written on it. The children are supposed to look around for their own object and the one who finds the object first gets to be named King Bob!
  • Banana! – All the kids know the famous minion song – Banana! Now, an adult will start this song and the kids are to join in and sing the song with the adult. After a while, the adult will stop singing, following which all the kids are supposed to stop singing. The kid who stops the last is out and cannot participate in the next round. The game continues in this way till only one kid remains and he/she will be the winner. However, every kid who goes out of the game gets a lovely minion cupcake for his/her awesome ‘minion-like enthusiasm’.

The minion themed party is a great way to make your kid’s birthday special. And this is exactly what our minion theme supplies help you to do. Enriching your celebrations! You don’t have to worry about which city you live in. We ship our party-supplies and goodies all over India. So be it, Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi, Untumble will always have the goodies delivered to you in time for the special day!

Have other theme ideas or questions for us? Do comment.