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Monkey Theme Birthday Party

Monkey Theme Party Pack

If your kid is an animal lover then a monkey theme will be apt for his/ her birthday party. Monkeys are the cutest animals and children love them. Entertain your little monkeys with Untumble's monkey theme party supplies. Here are a list of ideas that and supplies that can be used for your party.


Welcome your little monkeys inside your zoo with a welcome poster. Create a balloon with green and yellow balloons. Along with the welcome poster, you can also create balloon stands with monkey posters on the top. 

Stage Decor

In order to spread the jungle vibes, you can use our monkey theme backdrop. The backdrop can be customized according to your child's age, name, photograph and other snippets of text. To make it look even more attractive add our monkey theme buntings, posters and pom poms. A party without balloons is totally incomplete and we have a wide variety of balloons right from polka dotted balloons, to star balloons and foil balloons. 

Some moments can't be put into words, so why not capture them ? Use our quirky monkey theme photo booth and we are sure your guests will have a blast! Your guests will feel extremely special if you handover them our cute monkey theme party hats. 

Dinning decor

We have a wide range of attractive table decor. They include polka dotted paper plates, paper cups, table covers, cup cake toppers, center pieces and cup cake stands. 

Return Gift Bags

Your party is coming to an end and it is time to thank your guests. Thank them with our customized monkey theme return gift bags. Fill the return gift bag with some interesting goodies and candies. Before your guests leave, don't forget to ask them to pen down their wishes in your wish book. The wish book can be customized according to your choice.

Games for a monkey theme party 

Monkey Freeze Dance

Play some music and ask your little monkeys to jump and jog around the hall. Once the music stops all the monkeys have to freeze. The monkey who doesn't freezes at once is out of the game. Continue the game until one monkey is left. That monkey will be the winner. 

Banana Relay

This game is similar to lemon and spoon. Divide your monkeys into two groups. Give each team a spatula and a small banana. Set a starting point and an ending point. Ask each team to form a line. One at a time, each member from the team should hold the banana on the spatula and walk till the ending line and return back. Any member who drops the banana will have to start from the beginning. The team who completes the game first is the winner.