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Princess Theme Birthday Party Decoration Supplies

If you are looking for a perfect fairy princess theme party, then you are at the right place!  We have a wide range of fairy princess theme supplies that will transform your party into a magical party and your daughter will feel no less than a princess.

Let's start with the entrance of your party hall. The entrance can be decorated with a bunch of balloons along with our welcome banners and each guest can be given a fairy theme party hat and wrist band. Before all this don't forget to invite your guests with our customized invitations.

In order, to spread the magical vibe your party hall should look no less than a fairy land. To bring out that effect, you can use our fairy princess theme backdrop that can be customized according to your child's name, age and other snippets of text. You can further decorate the hall with birthday buntings, fairy princess theme posters, colorful pom poms, pinatas and attractive balloons. Balloon bouquets are trending so don't forget to add them in your party!

Don't miss out on our table decor. We offer a wide range of table decorations that include table covers, centrepieces, party horns, cupcake stands, cup cake wrappers, paper cups, paper plates and tissues. And of course these props are designed in such a way that it will match your theme perfectly.

Memories are made for a life time. So the best way to capture these memories, are through clicking photographs. But clicking photographs normally, is sometimes boring. So why not try our quirky photo booth props?

Your party is coming to an end, so don't forget to thank your guests with presents put inside our customized return gift bags along with thank you cards. And remind them to pen down their wishes for your daughter on the wish tree.

Birthday parties are incomplete without games. So here are a few games for a fairy theme party:

Pass The Treasure

This game is similar to passing the parcel. Make all the fairies sit around in a circle and play some music. Ask them to pass the treasure and make sure that the treasure is covered in many layers of fairy wrappers. When the music stops the fairy who is holding the treasure has to unwrap the top most layer of the treasure. The game continues until one of the fairy unwraps the last layer of the treasure. The fairy who unwraps the last layer of the treasure is the winner.

Sleeping Fairy

All the fairies have to lie down on the floor and act as if they are sleeping. One fairy has to disturb the sleeping fairies by cracking jokes or giggling at them. He/she cannot touch the fairies but can move close to them and talk. Any fairy who wakes up first, has to join the first fairy in trying to wake the other fairies. The last fairy to wake up in the winner.

A perfect fairy tale ending is what this party proposes to deliver and we promise it will be one of the best celebrations in your child's life.