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Mickey & Minnie Theme Birthday Party Supplies

Mickey & Minnie Theme Birthday Party

The oldest and most popular cartoon, Disney’s Mickey mouse, with his friend Minnie mouse, is a favourite of kids and adults alike. Classic and cute, this adorable mouse team is known and loved by children of all ages. If your child loves Mickey & Minnie, then a party based on this theme will be a wonderful choice for his/her next birthday. And to help you put together a fantastic birthday bash based on this theme, we present to you our Mickey & Minnie theme party supplies.

What do you need for your Mickey & Minnie Party? To start with, you may want to get decorations. We offer a charming welcome banner that will add interest to your party venue. It features a Mickey cut out and a fun quote, which you can personalize with your baby’s name and age. Spruce up the centre stage with a matching themed backdrop. We also sell beautiful cut-outs of Mickey and Minnie in different poses, as well as polka dotted balloons for added fun.

When the kids enter the venue, make them a part of the celebrations right from the start by handing out our Mickey and Minnie party hats. You will also find basic party supplies like paper plates, food labels and centrepieces in this theme. Deck the tables with lovely themed table covers and enliven the dessert counter with a coordinating cupcake stand. Send the kids home happy by gifting them toys or candy in our gift bags, making the party a memorable one for all the guests.

Games are a sure way to make the celebrations even more enjoyable. Just make sure that the games that you select coordinate with your theme. To help you to decide on the games, here are two such ideas:

  1. Thumbprint Mice Get sheets of paper, some ink and pencils, markers, as well as crayons. Give each guest a sheet of paper and let them place their thumb in the ink. Then they are supposed to press their thumb onto the paper, to leave their thumb print on the paper. The next task is to draw ears, tail, eyes and other features on the print to draw a mouse.
  2. Pin The Ears Get cut outs of Mickey Mouse’s ears if it’s a birthday boy, and Minnie’s ears with the bows if it’s a girl. Every child is blindfolded and takes turns to pin the ears on a large-sized printout of the birthday boy or girl. The child who gets the ears closest to the top of the head wins.

Throw a special Mickey & Minnie themed birthday bash for your son or daughter with our custom party supplies. At Untumble, we offer customizable party supplies in a wide range of themes for a variety of occasions. So, if you are planning to host a party, then Untumble is definitely your one-stop destination for party supplies.