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Barnyard / Farm Theme 1st Birthday party decoration

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What is a Barnyard?    A Barnyard or farm stead, is a place which houses farm animals which include cows, horses, ducks, dogs, chicken, pigs and many more. Apart from animals the barnyard is usually near or in a farm so you also have farm produce stored there. The barn in mostly depicted as a bright red wooden structure with windows.

Why a Barnyard theme for kids?    Kids are fascinated with anything that moves and shows emotions. And a farmyard is a feast for their minds and senses. All kids are enthralled with even a single pet at home, be it a fish or a dog, a farm is an overdose for them with so much activity all around them. The barnyard scene also brings with it a lot of color which stimulate kids and they end up bursting with energy.     A Barnyard theme is also a lot of learning, kids get to see a lot of animals, what sound they make, what they eat, how they live, what purpose they serve, how they help with work in a farm, how big they grow and a lot more. Apart from animals, kids are also introduced to farm produce like milk, cheese, different crops, vegetables, etc    This theme is both fun and informative for kids.

What can be done for a barnyard theme party?    Like with any theme party, you start with the invitation. The invitation should feature all the characters in a barnyard starting with the barn itself. You can have your entrance setup like a picket fence with a sign board that has the barn animals gaping out and welcoming the guests. The venue should have all the farm animals as wall cutouts, ceiling hangings or center pieces. The stage should be like a big barn with its bright red colours and a few crops/animals on it. The dining area should also have the barnyard feel with the same elements included in food labels, bottle wrappers, straw toppers, plates, cups, tissues.     Apart from d├ęcor, you need to plan for theme based games for the kids and adults alike. The games help in the learning process by re-enforcing all the elements in the barnyard. Help recall all the animal sounds, name of their babies, their food, etc through games so everyone becomes part with the theme.    A theme party is not complete without the guests taking home a part of the story, so end it with what every return gift you have with a theme based gift wrapper or favor bag. This leaves a lingering memory of your theme party.