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Pyjama party

Pyjama Party

Pyjama party is the best way to spend time with your friends and catch up on old memories! And if you are thinking of celebrating your birthday or spinster party with your friends, then the best way to do it is by organizing a PJ party. Why should the teenagers have all the fun, adults can host pyjama parties too. A simple PJ party won't do! So why not use our PJ party supplies to make your party interesting and fun? Here are some ideas to create some beautiful memories.

The first thing you should do is invite your buddies for your pyjama party. You can customize the invites according to your choice, probably in the shape of an eye mask or rectangular shaped invites. And don't forget to mention about the dress code, only PJ's. 

Decorate your party room with our sizzling foil curtains and striking metallic balloons. Hand over each of your guest our polka dotted eye masks. You can grab our HAPPY BIRTHDAY foil balloon or buntings to place it on your wall if its your birthday! Further, if it is a spinsters party you can also use our BRIDE TO BE SASH along with some pretty tiaras that are available at our store! We also have some amazing photo props that will make your photographs look more funky and quirky. 

Now that it is a a pyjama party food and beverages are a must. You can serve popcorn, chips, mocktails, milkshakes and what not. You can serve popcorn in our customized popcorn cones. For labeling your food and beverages you can make use our customized food labels and water bottle wrappers. 

Don't forget to thank your guests with our customized return gift bags along with some goodies. Attach our customized thank you cards in your return gift bags.

Games for a pyjama party

Commercial Break

Gather some items such as small utensils, a cap or a sock, a pair of glasses, a band aid etc. Stuff them inside a bag such that the players are unable to see them. Have each person pull out an item from the bag, without seeing what the item actually is. It is an exciting game as it will be fun to watch how your friends will make a commercial with a completely new use of the product. 

Toss an animal

Have your kids stand in a circle. Toss a stuffed animal from one person to another as fast as possible. Anyone who drops the the stuffed animal is out of the game. The person who doesn't drop the animal until the end is the winner.