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Floral Theme Birthday Party

Floral Theme Party

Your little one's birthday is own it's way and you have no idea what to do? Don't worry we have it all covered up for you! You can throw a floral theme birthday bash, it's not only magical but also unique. Also, a floral theme party theme can be thrown for anybody irrespective of age. 

Invite your guests to your enchanted garden with our customized floral theme invite . 

Entrance Decor

Welcome your guests in your magical garden by handing them over a badge or a party hat. You can use our hand made paper flowers to decorate your entrance. We have an attractive floral theme welcome cut out that you can be placed at the entrance. Don't forget to use our flower danglers at the Entrance. They are one of a kind.

Stage Decor

Decorate the stage with our customized floral theme backdrop. You can add your child's name, age, photograph and other snippets of text. Inspite of the backdrop your party hall will look empty so why not us our pom poms and customized paper flowers as ceiling and wall hangings. 

The best way to capture your moments is by clicking photographs. Clicking photographs just like that is a little bit boring, So why not use our floral theme photo booth to capture some amazing memories.

 Dinning Room Decor

If your hall is huge and it is filled with a lot of tables you can decorate each table with our customized table mat and center piece. The center piece can be either a balloon bouquet or some cut outs. Further to place your cup cakes you can use our cup cake stands. We also have customized cake toppers and cupcake toppers. 

Return Gift Bags

Thank your guests with our customized return gift bags. Add some amazing goodies to it along with our thank you card.

Games For A Floral Theme Party

Flower Chain

This game is similar to passing the parcel. Ask all your players to stand in a circle. Give one player a flower garland and switch on the music. Once the music starts ask the players to pass the garland. Keep stopping the music at regular intervals. As the music stops, the player who is holding the garland is out of the game. The game continues until one player is left.

Flower Crossword

Create a crossword with flowers names hidden in it and ask your guests to solve it. The player who solves it first is the winner.