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Frozen theme birthday party

Okay, so your little girl’s wait is finally coming to an end! The much awaited day is quickly arriving and you want it to be the most special one so far. You are busy thinking of ways to make this birthday both unique and fun-filled so that she and her friends can have a blast. Think no more because we have it covered for you. How about a Frozen themed birthday party where the little guests can feel at home in a setting that duplicates the beautiful kingdom of Arendelle. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

If this gets you all excited, wait for the euphoria to double up as we speak about our Frozen theme birthday party supplies. Our supplies feature various characters from the movie including Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff. But first things first. You can invite the guests with an eye-catching invitation card which features Elsa and Anna on it along with the name of your kid. This will be a good way to let the guests know what’s in store at the event.

The welcome banners will leave the guests awestruck as they enter and the Arendelle backdrops are guaranteed to mesmerize them throughout the party. The cardboard cut-outs of the various characters like Elsa, Anna etc. will make the day an unforgettable one. Your kid will feel that her favorite characters are along with her as she celebrates her birthday. The frozen-themed chair backs, centerpieces and hats, all of these will add to the frozen festivity, making you feel chilly even on a hot summer day. To add to the fun quotient, we also offer other props like blowers and masks that will definitely have the kids roll their sleeves up. Imagine all the Elsas, Olafs, Annas and Kristoffs running around blowing on the blowers as hard as they can. The sight is going to be delightful, especially with one of these being your own sweet little girl. If all these weren’t enough, a special frozen-themed piñata will give the kids an extra opportunity to vent out their adrenaline-charged excitement.

Once the children are tired from running around, they can walk over to the tables and pick up a cupcake from the cupcake stands decorated with cupcake toppers that feature the characters from the movie. Finally, as the day reaches it crescendo, you can share frozen-themed gift bags and goodies with the children who made the day special with their never-ending excitement.

To multiply the fun during the event, we suggest you to incorporate games into the celebrations. A few games that you can use are listed below;

  1. Pin the nose on Olaf – This game will sure be fun as the kids try to pin the nose on Olaf with a blindfold on. While the participants enjoy performing the task, audience will create a laugh riot seeing their mistakes.
  2. Snowball treasure hunt – Cotton balls will be hidden all around the party area and once the game starts participants are supposed to find them. The kid who finds the most snowballs wins.

Our party supplies along with these games will guarantee a party that will be equally pleasing both for you, the host, and the guests. And more importantly, the happiest with be your little girl!