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Pirate theme party supplies


Get ready for the most adventurous theme party, with the best crew ever. Let your guests sail in the most fascinating set up with Untumble party supplies. A Pirate theme party is apt for both boys and girls and any age group.  Let the Birthday boy/ girl look cool and funky in our pirate spectacles. Here are a list of ideas and supplies.


The invite can be a scroll in the bottle or a rectangular pirate theme invite.


Welcome your pirates to an island filled with amusement and excitement. Place our welcome poster to welcome your little pirates. Decorate either sides of the entrance with the flags. Create a red and grey balloon arch at the entrance. Make sure you place our black pirate caps at the entrance along with a few party blowers for each of your guest.


Decorate your island with our customized pirate theme backdrop. It can be personalized according to your child's name, age, photograph and other snippets of text. To make your party look interesting, you can add our pirate, treasure chest, ship, flags and other related cut outs. Increase the thunder of the party by using the most striking colours, red and grey. Further you can hang our pirate theme buntings, danglers and other related supplies. Children and adults both love clicking photographs so why not, use our pirate themed photo booth along with our goofy photo props.


Use our our pirate theme table covers, ship centre pieces, cup cake stands, polka dotted red and white or black and white paper plates, cups and tissue papers. All the above supplies will complement your theme perfectly.


Thank your guests with our pirate theme return gift bags along with some special gifts, candies and thank you cards. Before your guests leave, don't forget to ask them to pen down their wishes in our pirate theme wish book.


Entertain your little pirates with the list of games given below:

Treasure hunt

Divide the pirates into two teams. Hide a few few artefacts for both the teams. Make sure that the artefacts for both the teams are not the same. Prepare a few clues for each team which will enable them to find the artefacts. The team that finds all the aftefacts first, is the winner.

Cannonball Blast

For this game you will require black balloons and strings. Tie one end of the string to the balloon and the other end, around the pirates ankle.  Blow the whistle and all the pirates have to run around, bursting the other pirates balloons, while at the same time protecting their balloon. The pirate left with a balloon on his ankle till the end, will be the winner.